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How The FDA, Corn, And Oil Are Killing People

Put aside your purely sentimentalist views about corn, including your ideal Sunday dinner on the farm. Corn is in everything we eat…from meat to cereals to drinks to coffee, from breads to pasta, from the McDonald’s meal you grab in the drive-through to so-called “organic” eggs. In fact, in the average grocery store, of more […]

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Why Buy Local?

Although Globalization may be the wave of the future, it is not the best choice for health. Here’s why… Let’s say it’s winter time and you are in the grocery store looking for fresh vegetables and fruits. In many regions, a good variety of produce is not readily available and so the method of bringing […]

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What Is Going On In The World?

There is so much to do and see in our world…technology, media, events, concerts, shows, movies, video games, parties, book signings. How do we balance it all out? How do we decide what is important? What are our priorities? Is health a priority in our lives? Many of us think health is very important and […]