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Why Meat Gets The Heat

Since the dawn of humanity, people have eaten meat for food and it has consistently remained a primary source of protein. In recent years, we have witnessed a monumental shift from diets primarily rooted in meat-eating habits to those of vegetarian and vegan. Health rhetoric, news, and medical reports continually advocate the superiority of vegetarian […]

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Malnutrition And Obesity – Why America Has Both Of These Problems In Spades

What do malnutrition and obesity have in common? A lot, actually. It may come as a huge surprise, but the main reason obese individuals and those who fall into the “skinny as a rail” category are similar is because both of these body types are failing to receive the nutrition they desperately need – plain […]

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Bring Your Own Bag (BYOB) and Help Save the Earth

As we start the year anew, take a few moments to pledge some good things for yourself and your planet. We all share the same space, even though many of us are miles from one another. We owe it to ourselves, our children, and the future to do a few things that will make a […]