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Vaccinations: A Choice or A Mandate? Part II

Yesterday you may have read Part I of this series about vaccinations and choices, and whether or not a parent should take their child into the doctor on the recommended schedule for immunization “protection”. A growing body of research and inquiry is starting to question the absolution of vaccinating children as frequently as they are […]

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The Egg Recall and Why Local Isn't Necessarily Better

I’ve already written about food recalls a number of times, but the point about finding sustainable food is one that I find must be revisited often…because there are so many misconceptions going around about why simply avoiding one brand over another is not enough. And I’ll also tell you why it’s really important to know […]

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Vaccinations: A Choice or A Mandate? Part I

Have you ever wondered what ways there might be to reduce the chances of or prevent our children from developing health disorders like autism, ADHD, ADD, hormonal and nervous system disruptions, digestive and immune dysfunction? If so, you are a member of a growing body of parents who are looking for answers to the reason […]

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Death of the Lakes: The Spreading of Toxic and Infectious Wastes and Disease

Today I am sharing an important story of toxic waste spreading through our water from factory farming from The Journal of Food and Natural Healing, a site managed by my good friend, David (Augie) Augenstein. David Michael has posted this expose on the appalling situation at Ohio’s largest inland lake, Grand Lake-St. Mary’s. David Michael […]

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The Time To Act Is Now – Oppose Bill S.510 – The Food Safety Modernization Act

Please take a few moments to read the information below regarding S.510 Food Safety Modernization Act. I received this bulletin in my Inbox today, and the time to act is definitely now. Congress is in recess until September 10th, 2010 and it is urgent that you contact your local representatives and senators to keep this […]

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Fortified and Processed Foods: Are Label Claims About Nutrition True?

Pick up a box of cereal or a loaf of bread from the grocery store, and you are likely to read a number of claims on the label about the nutritional content of the product. In theory, these nutrients may be present in these foods. But are those nutrients naturally-occurring and are they something that […]

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Can The Government Be Trusted To Fix The Safety Of Our Food?

The safety infrastructure for food in this country is failing. It’s regulated by about a dozen federal agencies implementing about 35 laws. You would think that with that much oversight and checking, something would be working right. The public is most certainly aware of the problem, as is evident by regular media coverage of the […]

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Support Max Kane – Raw Milk Issues and Our Rights To Clean Food!

Please take a moment and watch the following video (from December of 2009), detailing the deposition of Max Kane in Wisconsin, and then read the information regarding the Max Kane case in Viroqua, WI. The state government has requested he surrender information about the identities of the farmers selling the raw milk in the region […]

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Big Pharma Wants To Outlaw Natural Food Supplements

Here is an action item that arrived in my mailbox yesterday from one of the lists I subscribe to. I feel really strongly about this, and I know a lot of people who visit this web site do as well. Even if you are not a person who takes “vitamin supplements”, please read this important […]


Raw Milk Trial in Wisconsin Could Set a Precedent for the Future

Are we going to continue to allow our government to dictate what we can and cannot put into our own bodies? Say it ain’t so! Raw milk is once again come under the radar, this time in America’s Dairyland – The state of Wisconsin.  On Monday, December 21 2009, Max Kane will face prosecution in […]