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8 Reasons to Use A Food Dehydrator & Jerky Recipe

Dehydrating is one of the easiest methods I’ve ever found to prepare foods. I like how I can leave something in the dehydrator for hours and not worry about for awhile…and then when I come back to open it up, there is something delicious to eat awaiting me inside. People have been drying food since […]

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Rustic Baked Chicken With Cheese and Bacon

I absolutely love the combination of chicken, melted cheese, and fried bacon. It is succulent and satisfying to the taste buds, and has such a diversity of flavors – the smoky taste of bacon and tanginess of cheese goes wonderfully well with a comfort food like baked chicken. And it’s something most everyone in your […]

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Steak Enchiladas With Homemade Red Sauce

It’s no secret that I love Mexican food, and I’m always excited about preparing traditional dishes with whole foods and real ingredients because most restaurants don’t use them. In this recipe, you get all of the amazing flavor of your favorite enchiladas from the restaurant, without any of the unhealthy attributes of restaurant food. You […]

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Savory Beef, Potatoes, And Bacon Skillet

Although this dish may be considered more of a “comfort” type food, this hearty meal could probably be enjoyed any time of the year. Even now, as the sun’s light is warming our previously frigid city more and more each day and expanding the length of the days, this dish was appreciated by everyone in […]