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Our Consuming Natures – We Can Live More Sustainably

How much do you consume? If you could measure and keep track of it, do you think it would make a difference in your regular consumption levels? In our culture of mass consumption, we are so accustomed to buying products and having products around for our “convenience”, we seldom stop to think just how much […]

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Waste Not, Want Not: Tips for Saving in The Kitchen

Do you ever wonder how people eat healthy and save money? There are many ways to cut corners and make food last longer, thus saving a few bucks. One way is to waste nothing (or as little as possible). I’ve noticed that the less I waste, the longer my food lasts and the fewer trips […]

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Earth Day Sensibility

On this Earth Day weekend, everyone is sharpening their recycling skills and seeking words of wisdom for living a greener life. Hopefully the habits people think about today carry on throughout the remainder of our days, and not just at this time of year where you can find many written topics, books, articles, and related […]