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Want to Learn How to Cook Traditional Food? Sign Up For This Great eCourse!


If you are feeling overwhelmed and unsure about where to start in your journey of making real food, this eCourse designed by Wardeh Harmon of GNOWFGLINS (God’s Natural, Organic, Whole Foods, Grown Locally, In Season) web site is the perfect place to begin! You can learn about preparing and cooking food in the traditional ways that have been used for many years by our ancestors and discover how easy bringing home-cooked meals to your family really is.

The methods of traditional cooking helps preserve valuable nutrients in foods while delivering fantastic taste at the same time. You will get the most out of your meals with Wardeh Harmon’s step-by-step classes combining great, easy to understand technology through video and text to deliver concepts that will build upon each other in successive sessions.

Wardeh and her family manage their own homestead and have developed an appreciation for producing and making some of their own foods. Her interest in real food on this site provides great posts on recipes, insight about healthy foods, tips, and lots of other great information.

What’s so important about taking these classes?
If you are new to cooking, or new to traditional cooking, Wardeh will show you in basic terms how to prepare a variety of important foods and dishes that form the foundation of many things you want to make for your family.

Here is the sneak peak video of what you can expect from Wardeh’s classes:

Although modern life allows us to eat many convenience foods are quick to prepare, our overall health has suffered due to a departure from making real food from scratch. The primitive environments our ancestors lived in made hunting, gathering, and devoting a whole day to preparing meals for their families a necessity. Nowadays, we believe we have less time for home and cooking; our busy schedules simply won’t allow. We’ve departed from the old ways and appreciation of where we get our food. But with a simple reintroduction to making the foods that feed our bodies and minds, we can reacquaint ourselves with our important relationships to people and the earth – all while supporting our health.

If you are interested in getting started with traditional cooking, I highly recommend you try this eCourse. It can be difficult to sift through a traditional cook book (like Nourishing Traditions) without the guiding experience of someone who has done it all before to show you how to make methods easier and feel more comfortable. Wardeh takes you through the process of preparing a variety of foods that you and your family eat and enjoy everyday.

What are the details?
Cost is $27 per month – a great deal for learning the basics of traditional cooking. This 5-month course beginning on February 23rd is accepting enrollment now. Enrollment closes on February 22nd and there is limited room, so enroll now to be sure and reserve yourself a spot now!

What courses are offered?
Overview: eCourse Overview
Lesson 1: The GNOWFGLINS Foundation
Lesson 2: How to Soak Whole Grains, Nuts and Seeds
Lesson 3: How to Make Soaked Whole-Grain Flour Baked Goods I
Lesson 4: How to Make Soaked Whole-Grain Flour Baked Goods II
Lesson 5: How to Soak and Cook Dry Beans
Lesson 6: How to Sprout Beans
Lesson 7: How to Cook a Chicken and Make Chicken Stock
Lesson 8: How to Make Skillet Dishes: A Dinner Formula
Lesson 9: How to Make Water Kefir
Lesson 10: How to Make Dairy Kefir
Lesson 11: How to Make Soft, Spreadable Cheese
Lesson 12: How to Make Sourdough Bread
Lesson 13: How to Sprout Whole Grains for Sprouted Grain Flour & How to Bake With Sprouted Grain Flour
Lesson 14: How to Make Natural Pickled Foods

What if I have food allergies?

Don’t worry! If you have dietary limitations such as food allergies or sensitivities, Wardeh has designed the classes with those considerations in mind You can still fully participate in the eCourse – whether you are gluten, dairy, grain, or carbohydrate-challenged.

And, if you sign up through this site, you will be helping to support my continuing efforts to maintain and keep up this site, and the real food movement! Thank you for your support!

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