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What Is Going On In The World?

There is so much to do and see in our world…technology, media, events, concerts, shows, movies, video games, parties, book signings. How do we balance it all out? How do we decide what is important? What are our priorities?

Is health a priority in our lives? Many of us think health is very important and that it is a big priority. But there is much debate and information about health that is conflicting and confusing. I created this web site in order to try and provide as much accurate information as possible about alternatives in nutrition, health and medicine, which I research on a continual basis. I believe it is paramount to present truthful data about what is going on in these fields. And it is my hope that I will accomplish that here.

In our world, much emphasis is placed upon being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. But the term ‘healthy lifestyle’ is often misused and even misrepresented. Even worse, at every turn we find things in our world that make living a healthy lifestyle difficult – or downright impossible. As an example, many people believe, because they have been told by dieticians, doctors, or even magazines and newspapers that low-fat or non-fat is healthy. The public has been duped by many fast-food corporations such as McDonald’s and Burger King that their “healthier” choice menu items are actually good for you to eat. But the fact is, none of this food is good for any of us.

Much of our food supply is polluted, genetically-altered, scientifically manipulated, or chemically-enhanced, yet we are told by the media, food growers, food companies, health professionals, and even our own government that these substances are not only okay to consume, but healthy! This should raise a red flag. When you consider just how unnaturally much of our food choices are produced, it should make you suspicious of health claims being made by these different groups. Why are they making these claims? Could it be that the main objective behind selling these products is not to make people healthy but to drive up profit margins? Just by doing some research, you will be blown away with what you learn about our food and what it means to eat a truly nutritious meal. You can be sure we will cover these topics on this web site.

It is my hope that this web site will open the eyes of consumers and those interested in improving their health and their environment. Many things we read are simply incorrect, even though the author of the document or article may seem informed or sincere. How do we assimilate all the information and decide what is true and what is false? The answer is, simply, that we cannot be certain that anything we read is accurate. But, when people make an effort to validate their opinions and points of view via research and empirical observation, the chances of that information being true is a lot more likely. That is precisely what I have done with information I research. I give it the test of being proven somehow by being my own guinea pig or by observing what happens over time first hand to someone else. So you can take what I say for whatever you want. But, the choice is yours. Do you feel as though the choices you’ve made for your health are really working? Why or why not? I cannot fully express how frustrated I have been in talking with people, countless individuals, who tell me that they feel their choices in health have not been good ones. If people are receptive, I make suggestions to them to try and then determine whether they notice a viable improvement. What have they got to lose? What they’ve been doing, they tell me, hasn’t worked.

From my own experience, following the advice of traditional medical doctors for the health problems I’ve had has generally not worked. This is why I do what do now. I believe this is why I am enjoying better health today. It is my instinct that many natural and alternative health and medical therapies are useful and beneficial over modern methods because I’ve witnessed such dramatic change in myself as well as others firsthand. Many of the alternative and natural remedies are tried and true, and have been around for centuries or even millennia. By contrast, only some new technologies, procedures, and medications are truly harmless and promote better health after they are implemented. Any prescription medication you take, for example, has side-effects. Sure, you may die if you don’t take the medication. But why is your body in that condition in the first place? It’s not because your body needs the medication. Your body is in need of healing. Some people’s bodies are so polluted and so toxic that the damage is irreversable; it’s true. But many people can benefit immensely from natural and alternative medical and health treatments. And they aren’t even aware of it. The traditional health industry and the FDA make certain of it.

Come join Agriculture Society. For a better way of life. In the coming weeks and months much content will be added to this web site including articles, resource links, and general information to help you on your path to better health. Cheers.

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