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My Story – Why I Made A Lifestyle Switch To Traditional Foods

This is the story of the life I spent eating processed foods and paying little attention to my health and body. I was always a small-boned, petite person. It seemed as though I could just go on forever, eating whatever I wanted. After all, my parents were small people, had no visible health problems, and my metabolism worked overtime which made it difficult to gain weight. What could I possibly have to worry about?

When I was a child, my mother served rice or pasta about once a week for dinner – usually spaghetti with meat sauce or fried rice with meat and vegetables. Our meals were a standard fare of “meat and potatoes” with a good variety of fresh vegetables cooked with oil and real butter. I’m sure my mother used vegetable oil, although I do remember her using olive oil sometimes. Although meats and dairy were a part of our diet at home, I’m sure much of it was processed and full of chemicals. Factory farms were definitely around when I was a child. I would not have known then that eating whole foods was rapidly becoming despised and villan-ized, because processed and packaged foods were starting to take their place at the head of the dinner table in most households, and would do so more and more in the years to come.

The growing up years

Although I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of eating vegetables, my mother was able to get me to eat them in the various dishes she served. But it wasn’t until junior high when I discovered the joys of choice and gained the ability to eat the foods I really wanted because Mom wasn’t watching over as much as in the past- chocolate milk, pizza, deep-fried burritos, french fries, and the amazing selection of food from the vending machine.

When I reached high school the menu broadened even more, and as students we had almost total independence as to what we ate at meal and snack times. We were also able to leave campus in our vehicles and go to McDonald’s. Soon I found home breakfast unsatisfying, so I opted for soda pop and potato chips out of the vending machine during second period. My lunches weren’t much better and I rarely ate vegetables or fruits. My body frame was slight and I had always been one of the smallest kids in my class, so I assumed I’d never have to worry about being overweight. I never really enjoyed sports and often felt too tired to really participate the way I could have if I had been eating healthy. Everyone believed I just wasn’t athletically inclined. But was it that I wasn’t capable or was my body suffering from malnutrition?

After my introduction the party scene, I spent a lot of time drinking with friends on the weekends. The food I ate continued to be an array of processed foods with the occasional home-cooked meal (albeit, probably factory meat and conventionally grown produce). Fruits and vegetables were few and far between. By now, even my mother had started purchasing microwave variety and processed foods for us to eat. When I graduated from high school I weighed 95 pounds and had no visible health problems.


I got married in 1994, and my eating habits stayed constant. During college, my husband and I realized there was a better way to eat. We started shopping at our local natural foods store. Every place we went and everything we heard or read indicated that meat and fat were arch enemies to a healthy way of life. We decided to try the vegetarian lifestyle. Although we were never able to become full-fledged vegetarians, we ate about 80% vegetarian food at meals. Our meals consisted of lots of pasta, bread, and rice, fruits, some chicken, and a few vegetables.

One day on campus, for no apparent reason I began to experience a very rapid heart rate. It bothered me enough that I had to leave class and go outside for some air. By the time class was over, I was certain I needed to go to the emergency room. My husband took me in right away. The staff ran tests to determine whether or not I had a heart problem. I had no other symptoms, just palpitations. Nothing was found.

After those tests, I was scheduled for an echocardiogram the next day. The day after the test, the cardiologist phoned and reported that I had nothing the matter and that it was probably just anxiety. He also offered me a prescription for some type of anti-anxiety medication, which I decided not to take.

These episodes continued off and on for years, sometimes ending up with a visit to my GP, and in extreme cases, the ER. Each time I was pronounced healthy but diagnosed as having “anxiety attacks”. I was prescribed the usual anti-depressant or anxiety medication and sent on my way. This answer was never something I was comfortable with, and I always ended up throwing the prescription away and attempted to treat my problem naturally.

My episodes would come and go, and I tried various natural remedies to subdue my anxiety from exercise to herbal treatments. My parents believed I was too overly-concerned about my own health and had become a hypocondriac. Nothing I tried ever worked long-term. According to everyone around me, there was nothing wrong with me and it was all in my head.

Often I felt as though I was going to lose my mind. What could possibly be the matter with my body? I had always eaten whatever I wanted – which included lots of processed foods, desserts, sweets, and liberal amounts of alcohol. It simply never occurred to me that most of what I ate wasn’t real food; I had no idea chips, breads, bagels, pasta, and the foods with fat in them such as meats, cheese, and eggs were full of chemicals and hormones. These foods were a good representation of what I ate for many years, but I never made the connection that what I was eating was probably killing me.

Pregnancy and Surgery

In 2000, I became pregnant with my first and only child. My alcohol consumption had not changed much since college. Eating habits were similar except that now I was back to eating meat and some full-fat foods. I stopped drinking when I learned of my pregnancy. Soon after conception, I began experiencing a shakiness similar to that of low-blood sugar or hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia runs in my family so I assumed it was a genetic tendency. The shakiness continued for about four months. My nurse-midwife did not know what it was and suggested eating frequent, small meals, which I did.

Nothing else remarkable occurred in my pregnancy until month seven when I began to have pain in my lower right side. I went to the midwife and she was unable to determine a cause. Over the next two days, the pain worsened and I was admitted to the hospital for four days to undergo tests and be observed. I was hooked up to a monitor to determine whether or not I was having contractions. Nothing significant was found. I also had an ultrasound which provided no useful information.

On day four I was sent home, still experiencing pain in my right side and with no answers as to why this was happening. The following 24 hours was to be the most frightful yet of my young life as I began to bleed and with very intense pain coming every few minutes – much like labor pains. It was early in the morning on a cold winter day, and I was rushed to the hospital once again. When I arrived, I was informed that I was nine-centimeters dilated and ready to give birth. My son was born less than a half an hour later – nine weeks premature.

After the staff rushed my son off to the NICU, I was taken to a room in the maternity ward. My abdomen was distended and painful to the touch, and I was in massive pain. Hours later, I was told to get up and begin to walk around. I was so weakened and in so much pain, I couldn’t stand up without feeling like I would black out. I had been on morphine for the last six days for pain, but that didn’t aid my suffering nearly enough. It just made me incoherent and unable to stay awake for more than a few minutes. The doctors were dumbfounded at what the problem was – despite further tests that included a CT scan, x-ray, and finally a colonoscopy. My abdomen continued to become more and more distended, and I told my midwife how afraid I was that I might die. She didn’t even reassure me that I wouldn’t.

Three days after giving birth to my son, I was wheeled into the operating room for exploratory surgery. What the doctors found was unbelievable – my appendix had ruptured and I had peritonitus. Peritonitus is an inflammation caused when an infectious process invades the peritoneum (the thin membrane covering all abdominal organs and the inside of the abdomen). Just how long the infectious process had been underway was unknown, but it was clear that I would have died soon had something not been done.

After the surgery and another week’s stay in the hospital, I was deemed well enough to go home on a strict schedule of three powerful antibiotics, and was told my recovery would be six to ten weeks. That was an understatement. It was a good thing my son was going to be in the NICU for the next seven weeks or so, because I was going to need it. In the beginning, bonding with with my son was difficult due to my illness, our separation, and his prematurity. I spent weeks feeling exhausted and incoherent due to the illness and the drugs I was taking – three antibiotics and oxycodone for pain (which has been a popular street drug for some years now). Most days I would only be able to stay awake for about six hours at a time without falling into an uncontrollable, narcoleptic-like sleep in the afternoons.

I started having terrible paranoia and strange hallucinations at night when I was trying to get to sleep – I felt as thought the house was going to cave in on top of me. Finally, out of desperation and certainly against what my doctor would have recommended, I threw all the prescriptions away. I was still in pain on a daily basis, but knew I couldn’t continue on with those pain medications. Incidentally, the only thing which ever helped during my miserable recovery from surgery was an appointment I made to see a naturopath and Chinese Herbal Medicine doctor/acupuncturist. It was the only one I could afford, but it provided pain-free days relief from my abdominal pain.

Gallbladder disease

On the last day of my stay in the hospital, my nurse mentioned that I should be vigilant about gallbladder problems. Not only was this something I had never heard before, but I had also never experienced gallbladder issues in the past – or so I’d thought. I’d been given an ultrasound during my first hospital admission while I was still pregnant, the technician mentioned that I had gallstones. At the time that was the least of my problems.

The night of my discharge from the hospital, I was laying on the couch and began to notice an odd sensation in my abdominal area that was totally foreign to me. It was an indescribable burning pain which overcame me so suddenly that I immediately became nauseated and had to run to the bathroom to vomit. This was to be the first of many “attacks” I would have to deal with in conjunction with a buildup of gallstones. Besides a ruptured appendix during pregnancy, it was one of the most unpleasant and painful sensations I have ever experienced. Over the next seven months, I avoided fatty foods in an attempt to keep my gallstone episodes at a minimum while my body healed from the previous ordeal in order prepare for another surgery.

During that time, I made concerted attempts to treat the problem naturally via herbs and alternative treatments. Because I was a layperson and had no experience with alternative practitioners nor much knowledge about the subject, I failed in my efforts to treat the problem naturally. At the time I attributed it to the lack of success of those methods, but I could not have been more incorrect. Since that time I have talked with dozens of alternative healthcare practitioners who confirmed to me that gallstones are often successfully treated with alternative treatments.

If only I knew then what I know now, I could have saved my gallbladder- the all-important organ that is always dismissed as unnecessary- and I could have avoided surgery by finding a practitioner who could have recommended a good natural remedy and gallbladder detoxification program. And, the sad part is, if I had just cleaned up my diet and lifestyle many years before that, I could have also avoided having my appendix rupture as well. Both of these organs commonly become inflammed and clogged with artificial toxins and chemicals from the foods we eat, and this is normally the primary cause of the decline in their function and eventual need for removal.

My gallbladder was removed in the summer of 2001. Afterward, I had an adjustment period that included some abdominal discomfort and loose stools which I had to sort out through regulation of my diet. Things never really went back to normal, and I was still having some episodes of shakiness here and there. At the time the frequency of those episodes was occasional. But I was getting closer to having that symptom become a daily event. I continued to have overwhelming fatigue, bouts of nausea, muscle weakness, and general malaise.

Anxiety returns

In 2005, the “anxiety attacks” returned full-force. Other symptoms included overwhelming fatigue, nausea, unexplained weight loss, menstrual irregularities, sleep disturbances, diarrhea, muscle weakness, shortness of breath, and heart palpitations. A visit to my GP revealed that once again, I had no serious health issues but was offered yet another prescription for anxiety. Although I liked my doctor, I was dissatisfied with the diagnosis and felt that something else was going on. For months I researched and went through a variety of alternative treatments. Each of these brought me a little closer to finding out what the problem was, but nothing completely eradicated it.

Time, experience, and research revealed that most of my problems were likely nutritionally-related. After changing my diet, taking whole food supplements to mega-dose and allow my body to catch up, eliminating refined carbohydrates and foods, alcohol, caffeine, managing stress levels, and getting regular exercise I began to notice results. It was such a relief. No traditional doctor I had seen over the previous 12 years ever suggested these remedies. Strangely, my odd body sensations, pain, fatigue, and sugar cravings began to disappear. It was unbelievable! And, for the first time in my life, I had a normal blood pressure reading of 110/65.

My resolution

Thankfully, I finally got the shakiness under control. During its worst times, it was always related to stress and the over-consumption of simple carbohydrates — and not surprisingly, wheat. The best way I can describe it is the kind of shakiness experienced when you have waited too long to eat. This sensation was many times accompanied by other symptoms such as weakness, muscle fatigue, diarrhea, nausea, and heart palpitations. Sometimes I’d be up for four or five hours with my heart racing and unable to go back to sleep. For years I searched for others who experienced the same problem. Most of my searching came up with nothing – a few cases here and there that were similar, but no concrete resolution. Eventually I realized that the more processed foods I ate and continually included in my diet, the worse I felt. My diet now consists primarily of whole foods, and if I stick to that 90% of the time, I feel great.

In addition to changing my diet, I also engaged in various cleansing and detoxification strategies. The first one I accomplished was a candida cleanse. My nutritional therapist told me that I had candida all throughout my body. Indeed, candida is a widespread problem in developed countries due to processed foods and most people who consume the SAD (Standard American Diet) have it. Candida is a yeast overgrowth in the intestinal system that easily spreads throughout other body organ systems if unchecked. It can cause a host of problems including weight gain, cardiovascular disorders, headaches and migraines, blurry vision, constipation, diarrhea, cravings for sweets and alcohol, hyperactivity, itching, acne, menstrual problems, abdominal issues – just to name a few. The nutritional therapist also told me I would be on my way to having cancer or some other degenerative disease if I hadn’t been stopped in my tracks…and I was only 35 years old!

Because my appendix and gallbladder are gone, I also take bile salts and probiotics each day (besides eating a healthy diet). The gallbladder is responsible for storing bile (which is produced by the liver). Bile is necessary to process and break down fats. Although many doctors will tell patients they can survive just fine without it, the gallbladder’s function is essential. Without it, bile drips into the small intestine and causes diarrhea, abdominal discomfort, nausea, and can actually promote the development of cancer.

The appendix is also necessary, contrary to popular medical opinion. Its job is to produce friendly bacteria in the body to keep the immune system functioning optimally. If your appendix is removed, your body’s ability to create this good flora is greatly diminished. If I had not learned about these two very important things and taken steps to overcome the handicap my body now has from their absence, I would be very much worse off than I am now. It is important to note that for years I had diarrhea and abdominal discomfort, the cause of which I could never unravel.

Now that I eat well and take the bile salts, hyrdochloric acid, and probiotics, I no longer have diarrhea and pain (and my bowel activity is very regular and normal). I also take digestive enzymes if I eat something with wheat in it (most of the wheat I eat is sprouted and/or soaked), wine, or some type of dessert (which is rare).  If you are healthy and maintain a healthy diet, you should not have to take much of these supplements – I take them because of my organ deficits. Read about my discoveries regarding gallbladder disease and appendicitis.

Now I feel like I can live life to a much greater potential. I have energy and enthusiasm, and I also enjoy exercise – on my own terms, of course…I’m not a gym-goer or a person who takes classes – and I don’t have a competitive bone in my body. But when I go hiking or biking or anything else that is strenuous, I feel great. It used to be that I’d feel ill and didn’t want to continue. My new found lifestyle (with God’s help) has thankfully given that back to me.

Many people suffer from these symptoms, and certainly some of  these things are caused by other issues…but I think it’s pretty clear numerous diseases and ailments are caused from eating poorly and being malnourished. We are all doing our bodies an incredible disservice when we put processed, chemically-laden foods into our regular diets. Now that I know this, I’ve made it my objective to inform and educate people because I want to help others possibly avoid what I experienced.  You really can have amazing, fantastic health through whole, traditional foods with good saturated fats and proteins that come from animal products.

Now that you’ve read this, here is your task:

  • Eliminate processed foods from your diets – including packaged, manufactured foods in packages, jars, cans, boxes, etc.
  • Eliminate excessive alcohol intake and tobacco or drug use. Consider unpasteurized beer and wine. Read this informative article about Alcohol and the Sugar Connection.
  • Eat more whole, traditional foods containing fats and protein such as:  grass-fed meats (such as beef, lamb, pork, and game meats) from organic sources, pasture-raised poultry and eggs, raw dairy products from healthy, grass-fed, organic sources, fermented foods from whole foods (yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut – avoid store bought unless you know the source is natural, organic, and fermented), raw nuts and seeds, healthy fats like extra virgin coconut oil & olive oil, palm oil, flax oil, lard & tallow (both from healthy, grass-fed sources).  Eating healthy fats is absolutely essential because the body stores these fats and you do not want fats with toxins stored in your cells.
  • Eat organically-produced fruits and vegetables.
  • Obtain regular moderate exercise that you enjoy
  • Get adequate rest; go to bed before 10:30 p.m. most nights
  • Engage in regular stress-reduction activities that you enjoy – yoga, meditation, prayer, massage, pilates, or martial arts are good choices

For more information on good dietary fats, read The Importance of Dietary Fats.

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157 replies on “My Story – Why I Made A Lifestyle Switch To Traditional Foods”

This is a very eye opening post. In Oct-Dec of 2007, I often had what I called “faux heart attacks”. I actually had no idea if they were “faux” or not. I was too chicken to go to the doctor only to have him tell me that I had advanced heart disease and would die before I turned 41.

After switching to low-carb and then to whole foods/low-carb I no longer have my faux heart attacks. When I went for my yearly ob-gyn appointment in Dec of 2008, I mentioned it to my doctor and she said that sugar/high carb will cause heart palpitations.

I also used to have a serious pain in my jugular vein. I could almost envision the plaque building up in my arteries. This too is also gone.

I’m so glad that you were able to figure out and treat your symptoms. Did you ever work thru your bonding with your son? I had plenty of interventions and a failure at nursing my oldest and we had a lot of issues to work out as well.

Heart and cardiovascular issues are so scary; I spent a good portion of my life living in fear of having a heart attack because of the numerous episodes of palpitations I went through. So glad you figured this out! And 41 is way too young to be that sick. I’m almost 40 and I feel as though my life has just begun! I remember spending hours and hours looking at message boards of people who had heart issues. They’d go on about taking drugs and having surgery and endless procedures which never got to the bottom of what was wrong. It always frustrated me to no end that these people were content to just keep doing the drugs and not find the real cause as to why they were sick. I guess I’ve always questioned everything and tend to have issues with authority to an extent that when all the doctors I saw told me to go on drugs, I was pretty much told them to take a hike.

Most of the time when I tell the story of my pregnancy and delivery, people are in shock. I don’t know anyone else who has had a ruptured appendix during pregnancy (although I am certain someone else has experienced this). This may be an extreme case, but it perfectly illustrates how much misinformation we as a culture are given about how food affects our overall health. I’m so grateful to have been given this second chance. There were so many mistakes I made and things I should have done differently, but I took the information I received to heart from all my research and conversations with health practitioners who knew what I was going through and why. It seemed like there was nothing else I could do, unless I wanted my son to live the rest of his life without a mother (and maybe a father eventually, the way we were all eating). My primary goal was to get well and be here for my family. The thought of my son’s health meeting the same fate as mine made me realize how important this was to remedy.

Yes, I did bond with my son, but it took over five years (I kid you not!). I wasn’t able to nurse because I had him in my 7th month of pregnancy, and my milk had not yet come in. When I tried spending the whole day pumping, I would still only get less than an ounce. So many things that I did for him when he was an infant and toddler were wrong…feeding him formula, giving him over-the-counter medications for issues that could have been easily solved by good nutrition, letting him drink out of plastic cups…etc. And not surprisingly, he was a very overly sensitive, emotional, cranky child. He screamed and screamed for hours a day until he was nearly 5 months old. Then it would take literally nothing for him to lose his temper or become angry and throw a tantrum until he was almost five years old. I thought it was my lack of patience and bad parenting on my behalf. It wasn’t until he was about 5 years old that we switched over to traditional foods. We were eating about 70 percent well before that, but we still had a lot of processed carbohydrates and grains in our house. The funny thing is, after we changed all of our diets, we began to notice significant changes in his behavior, ability to learn, and attitude about so many things. He’s still highly emotional and carries an over-inflated sense of justice about EVERYTHING, but he is so much easier to reason with and talk to about things…and best of all, he is one of the most affectionate children I have ever seen. He adores me and his father; he’s almost 9 years old and he still runs up to us on the playground at school to throw his arms around us and tell us he loves us with big kisses. I wouldn’t have missed that for the world.

What an inspiring story! Congratulations on the better life you’ve earned with your perseverance and dedication! It’s a shame that you lost your appendix and gallbladder, but I’m sure you’re grateful to be where you are today.

I was also motivated by poor health to live a better lifestyle, but I got off a lot easier than you did. I had shakiness and palpitations just like you. The way I always explained the shakiness was that it’s just like how you feel after an intense confrontation with someone, but without the confrontation. It was one of my most frustrating symptoms. It often felt as if I had little control of my body.

Aren’t those shaky feelings terrible to have? It really does give you a sense of being out of control of your body, and I thought I’d never be rid of it. I’m always inspired when I hear about others who have made a triumphant recovery in health because of improving their diet and doing something natural; so many people just give up and get on medication. But I also feel sorry for anyone who is given the information and doesn’t use it to their advantage. I’m glad that you have had a positive experience in improving your health with diet and lifestyle. It is my hope that web sites like this and yours will go a long way toward helping people. That’s what I want to do most. 🙂

The description of your son from birth to 5 years could be the description of my son as well. I actually thought it was food dye sensitivities and we removed all of that by age 1. Then our chiropractor told me we were feeding him too many grains and not nearly enough protein. Once we fixed that problem, things got so much better. Of course, they still eat junk, but maybe once a week they’ll have a pastry @ a diner we frequent. I really try to limit their exposure to things, but they are getting older and I fear they will eat what they want when they want once they are out of my grasp LOL.

You know, my maternal grandmother died of a heart attack at age 40. She did smoke, but I’m betting it was more likely poor diet that caused her problems. My mom was just a kid at the time, so she really had no idea what could have caused it.

Can you share your regimen for eating without a gall bladder, including the amounts of the probiotics, hydrochloric acid and bile salts? My gallbladder, appendix, lymph nodes, 18″ of colon were removed about 5 years ago. I have finally had some respite from diarrhea by taking the oyster shell calcium tabs from Costco. I have followed the Specific Carbohydrate Diet since early August.
Shelley in McCall

Hi Shelley – Wow, you have been through a lot! Have you had a serious illness?

I have seen the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. I noticed on the list that amaranth and various other grains are listed as “illegal”. Did you know that if you prepare grains properly, as in soaking, sprouting, and/or fermenting, the phytic acid is neutralized (which is what causes the problem with absorption of nutrients), and the body digests it like a vegetable? You should be able to consume grains now if you prepare them this way. Raw apple cider vinegar from an organic source is very healthy to consume because of the enzymes and beneficial bacteria – especially for gut troubles and immune system issues. Also, raw dairy from an organic, grass-fed source should be fine. Some people, although not many, still have trouble with dairy even if it’s raw, but that is pretty rare. Raw dairy contains all the natural fats and fat soluble vitamins which the body needs, also un-denatured proteins and probiotics. I didn’t check the whole list, as you know it’s very extensive…but I woluld possibly re-evaluate some of those items unless you know those foods specifically make you ill. If they haven’t, perhaps you can try them one at a time and see if you get a reaction.

I eat a very normal diet, replete with all types of meats, fish, poultry, pork, lamb, and game meats. At home, all the meat I consume is pasture-raised or grass-fed. I also eat eggs from pasture-raised hens, raw cheese (mostly from pasture-raised milk), organic fruits and vegetables, raw, sprouted nuts and seeds, olive oil, grapeseed oil, pumpkin oil, coconut oil, lard from bacon, real butter, raw milk, and yogurt that is either homemade from raw milk or store bought and is plain and whole fat from pastured-cows. I don’t eat a lot of grains but when I do, they are soaked overnight and eaten in cereal or prepared as a side-dish with a meal – usually rice, amaranth, quinoa, or millet. If I eat bread, it’s no more than 2 to 3 times per week and it’s a sprouted grain of some type – either Ezekiel or Silver Hills.

As far as amounts that I take for bile salts, hydrochloric acid, digestive enzymes, and probiotics – it varies according to how I am feeling. Per mg here are the amounts in my supplements – bile salts – (Lipogen by Metagenics), currently taking 2 per meal, hydrochloric acid (NOW brand, but also use Biotics Research hydrochloric acid)- currently taking 3 per meal and working my way up until I feel a burning sensation because my nutritional therapist said that I am low on hydrochloric acid, probiotics – currently taking Prescript Assist, 1 in the morning and 1 at night – label does not say how many strains are contained, but this is a top-of-the line product purchased from my nutritional therapist, and it’s a product people typically take when they have been on antibiotics – which I haven’t, I’m just not getting enough probiotics in my diet for my body at this point in time. I also get probiotics from milk, butter, cheese, and yogurt – but amounts are hard to determine. Digest Gold is what I take for enzymes (Enzymedica is the brand). I take one per meal. If I eat more carbohydrates such as fruits, potatoes, grains, rice, or an occasional dessert, I take one or two more.

I hope this helps!

The reason for the surgery was a large polyp, discovered on my first colonoscopy, along with family history of colon cancer. It proved to be benign, but they said it was precancerous because of its size. They took the gallbladder “because it had stones” and “the surgeons were already in there” in spite of never having had gallbladder attacks.
The Specific Carbohydrate Diet is more about balancing good and bad bacteria by starving off the bad and augmenting the good through probiotics, particularly 24 hour fermented yogurt. Once dysbiosis has set in, the starch in the grains and sugars feeds the bad bacteria so the idea is to restrict them. I want to give the diet a 100% compliance for one year and then start adding back in food, so I’ll save your recommendations for sprouted grains until then. I haven’t missed them very much, and make bread with almond flour. I’m also just so happy to be achieving the real food diet that I’ve always wanted! We do get grass fed beef and farm eggs, but I haven’t found a source for raw milk so I make the yogurt with organic milk.
It is very helpful to have this description of the supplements, and amounts to take! I’ll look for them. Do you get them in a store or online?
Thank you so much,

Hi Shelley, sorry for the delay! I just read this response tonight. Hopefully you will get my reply. The supplements I use are from several different sources – the probiotics are from my nutritional therapist neighbor (Prescript-Assist is what I am taking now, but I it is also available online as well –

Bio Kult is another excellent probiotic to take –

LipGen by Metagenics, the gallbladder/liver supplement I take daily is available in a variety of places – I usually order mine from a nutritional clinic in Centralia, WA but here is a link to it online:

Digest Gold is the digestive enzyme supplement I take and I usually get it at the local health food store, although practitioners (such as naturopaths, nutritional therapists, and chiropractors can usually get the professional strength dose. Here’s a link:, but at the store you can buy it in smaller quantities such as 90 or 120. The higher quantity, the cheaper it is however. If you are going to be using it for an extended period of time, it’s best to buy in larger quantity.

Hydrochloric acid (also known as Betaine) is something many supplement companies make. I am currently using the NOW brand, which you can buy at most health food stores. I have also used a couple of other brands from the health food store, the names of which escape me at the moment, but the best brand I have used is Biotics Research – Their Betaine is a really good product, as well as many of their other products. Nearly all of their products are sourced from organic or sustainable originations, and they are one of the gold standard health supplement suppliers on the market. I have taken their products for years and with great success. All of their vitamin supplements are whole-food based and retain cofactors and enzymes necessary for absorption by the body. They also carry products with actual components of muscle and tissue from bovine, porcine, and sheep – all from sustainable, organic sources. These products, in my opinion, follow closely what Weston A. Price foundation principles teach about health in that organ meats, muscle, and tissue are vital to health.

I think that’s it. I hope this was helpful to you! Good luck with your journey to health, it sounds like you are on the right track. It takes some perseverance, but if you do the research, you are bound to find the answers you need. 🙂

Hi Alex, thanks for your comment. I appreciate! I hope anyone who reads this will gain something good from it. Ever since my experience, I have wanted to share this information with anyone who needs it – if I can prevent even a few people from going through what I have, it’s worth it!

Hi, thanks so much for sharing your story; it’s such an encouragement to hear the benefits to eating in a traditional way (and for real cures for so many ailments that doctors tell us all are normal!)

I am curious about the candida cleanse that you did. Is that something that could be done apart from a someone such as your nutritional therapist? Is there someplace on the web that you know of with good info on the topic?


Amelia – your question about candida cleansing is an important one. There are many supplements and products you can take to remove candida from your body, but the process of doing so is tricky and needs some monitoring. Although diet alone is really critical, on its own it won’t remove candida sufficiently to bring your candida levels back to normal. While you are cleansing, you should pay strict attention to what you eat – no sugars and few carbs. All refined sugars are out, as well as soy, wheat (and most grains), dairy, nuts, as well as most fruits. My diet consisted mostly of fats like meats, fish, poultry, game meat, healthy oils like coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, butter, lard, tallow, vegetables, and the occasional low-sugar fruit like apples or berries. Cod liver oil would be another healthy fat to include in your diet, whether you are cleansing or not.

A person who has had experience treating candida is your best bet for success. Otherwise you can end up buying products that are expensive which don’t do the trick and could possibly end up costing you more in the long run. That actually happened to me. I started self-treating with some products I had read about and then essentially had to start over. It took me almost a year to completely rid myself of candida overgrowth. Once you have it, it is very easy for it to return unless you are vigilant about your diet.

Also, candida yeast can mutate much in the same fashion that bacteria can in the presence of antibiotics, so careful attention to the state of your body is really important. That’s why a knowledgeable practitioner can help because he or she can monitor what’s going on every week to two weeks or so, and help you find the best supplement and course of action for your own situation. My nutritional therapist muscle-tested me to find out what I needed, and she also recommended switching products about once a week or once every two weeks for roughly four months to be able to effectively continuing killing candida off.

Here’s a post I wrote about cleansing (there is a section on candida in this article):

I hope that helps!

Your story sounds like mine, but it’s taken me until I was 47 to find out what was wrong. I have had anxiety attacks since my twenties and my doctor thought it was my thyroid, so I got that chopped out of my neck! Didn’t work. People just don’t realize the poison we put in our mouth everyday and also shampoo’s, soap, and makeup is toxic. I haven’t worn makeup since I found out what’s in it. I feel unattractive, but it’s better then being sick. I’m trying to find a safe one and I only put coconut oil on my skin.

What kind of whole multi do you take? Most are synthetic.


Jeanne – I am sorry to hear about all the trouble you have been having with your health, and yes, it often comes down to being sicker and losing valuable organs that you need because doctors don’t know what’s wrong and treat the problem the wrong way or maybe even just do it because it’s a good way to make a profit (sad, but true).

I used to wear much more makeup some years ago when I was working in the entertainment industry and going out to shows and clubs a lot (I was a music promoter). Now I rarely wear anything besides mascara, and I’m looking for a good natural brand. I’ve been using Dr. Hauschka’s, but the Cosmetic Database shows it still does have some toxic ingredients. I do have other makeup that I wear rarely (eyeshadow and lipstick), but most of the brands that were toxic I have thrown out and replaced with something better like Bare Minerals or some other mineral-based makeup without chemicals. I don’t think people look bad without makeup though.

If your body is that sensitive it is very likely that you need to perform some detoxification to clear out your liver of excess toxins that are making your immune system overly reactive. Read this post about liver gallbladder detox, which everyone should do if they have been on a whole foods diet with real food for a period of time to prepare the body for major detoxing – eating real food and avoiding chemicals allows the body to start initial detox to prepare for a more intense detox.

The whole multi vitamins I take vary depending on what I need at the time. Bodies are always changing as they are living organisms. One brand I take is the Vitamin Code for women, also Biotics Research Equi-Fem (for women). Right now I am taking Bio-Multi Plus by Biotics Research. Another brand I have taken in the past are various multi vitamins by Standard Process – and excellent brand that I highly recommend to anyone. The brand my son takes is New Chapter Organics, from whole foods and is organically-sourced. I hope that helps!

Your story is mind boggling. You’re nothing short of a miracle!
I read with rapt attention, gasped, cried, rejoiced, and felt relief for you and for my racing heart.
I imagine that if I had gone to the dr with the same symptoms- I would have been told to watch what I eat because I’ve always battled weight. And not that that would have yielded answers either- but it would have been said with shame and guilt and accusation. What does either scenario say about our perceptions of health by our health care system. I’ve been afraid of traditional drs since I saw the Gilda Radner story… Always asking for answers… Never finding them until it was too late. Your story is thankfully not the same – but I was scared for you while I was reading and I know how your story ends! How many others are there out there that aren’t as smart/brave/determined as you?
You healed yourself when others could/would have given up- and imagining what state they would be in now is terrifying and sad. You do amazingly hard work. I’m so grateful for your presence and your wisdom. Thank you! You inspire me so much.

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Thậm chí, những người mắc bệnh trĩ do thiếu hiểu biết phai căn bệnh nào
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Trĩ nội là bệnh giống?
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Cấp chừng 1: Búi trĩ phình lên song không trung sớt vào ngoài.
Ở gấp khoảng này, người bệnh có thể bị rã tiết lúc đi ngoài.

Cấp dạo 2: Búi trĩ rơi vào ngoài tã đại tiện và tụt vào thẳng nhát trớt đoạn.chữa bênh trĩ
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Thường nếu sử dụng tay ập vào. chữa bệnh táo bón
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Bệnh lỗ đít – túc trực tràng khác: nạ bướu lỗ đít thường trực tràng, ung ấu thơ túc trực tràng, mạ bướu miền tiểu khung… lát to giàu dạng chèn lấn và cản ngăn sự lưu thông đạt tiết của danh thiếp tĩnh mạch
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An tinh – Dễ sử dụng
♥ thời kì điều trừng trị bệnh Trĩ Nội : làng nhàng lùng 30 ngày.

Bệnh trĩ nội có những triệu làm chứng
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rớt búi trĩ: Xuất giờ ở trĩ nội tầng 3, sau triệu
làm chứng tung máu và người bệnh sẽ giàu cảm giác tồn tại dị phiết ở lỗ đít.

nhát đầu, sau Mỗi lần đi ngoài người bệnh sẽ chộ
giàu một vô khối rỏ lồi ra ở lỗ lỗ đít và có dạng trường đoản cú buột ra lúc đại tiện đoạn. Càng đi sau vô số lồi đấy càng lớn lên và không trung từ bỏ
tụt vào sau khi đại tiện nữa song giả dụ dùng tay nhét ra.
Cuối cùng thiếu gì lồi đó sẽ rơi đứt vào ngoài hậu môn.
Ngoài 2 triệu chứng trên, người bệnh sẽ chộ đau, ngứa và ẩm ướt ở đít vực loanh quanh hậu
môn. Đau có tã ngồi và chuyển di.
Biến chứng mực tàu bệnh trĩ nội
Bệnh trĩ nội nếu như chứ nổi phân phát bây chừ và
điều trừng trị kịp thì sẽ gây
nên những biến làm chứng nghiêm trọng và nguy hiểm
– Tắc mạch:
đền xảy ra ở trĩ ngoại hơn trĩ nội.
nhiều dạng là bởi vì vỡ tĩnh mạch
hay là bởi giờ tịnh đông ngày tiết trong suốt dạ mạch máu.
tã lót chiếu tướng hậu môn sẽ chộ búi trĩ có màu bơ xanh, kích thước to
hơn hạt đỗ, nhồi vào chộ căng mọng và đau rát.
Người bệnh sẽ thấy dễ chịu nếu được rạch lấy cục súc tiết đông vào.

– Nghẹt:
lắm trạng thái nghẹt 1 phần hoặc tất lỗ đít.
Xảy vào lúc búi trĩ hay là vòng trĩ xa rắn chắc ra ngoài khiến huyết quản bi nghẽn và hoi phò năn nỉ, do đấy
không thể tự thụt lại ra trong tim hậu môn xuể.

nhút nhát thăm nhà giam sẽ chộ mặt ngoài cụm từ vùng đa quanh chốn nghẹt nhiều màu xám,
mặt trong suốt là niêm mạc màu nâu hường, sưng nài, rải rác nhiều những nốt xám đen là do xuất giờ bây chừ tuyệt nhiên hoại tử.

– Nhiễm khuẩn:
đền rồng là viêm kẽ, viêm nhú, polyp hậu
môn, nứt khe hậu môn…. chốc bị nhiễm khuẩn người bệnh sẽ nhiều cảm giác ngứa ngáy hoặc
nóng rát. đại hồi thăm nhà pha người bệnh sẽ chộ
rất đau, tê vòng lỗ đít thít chặt chịa, giãn nở liệt.
soi lỗ đít thấy danh thiếp nhú phù nề hà sưng lớn, màu trắng, danh thiếp kẽ nằm giữa các búi trĩ bị loét cạn và
lắm màu hường.
trọng tâm tư vấn và sửa bệnh thuốc ta, chữa bệnh Trĩ Nội khỏi rắn chắc,
chớ tái phạt lạ 100% Thảo dược tự nhiên :
Cách sử dụng Thuốc : kết hợp 2 loại thuốc :
Thuốc Cao và Thuốc đắp vào huyệt bách
họp ( vót chóp đầu) . Thời gian điều trừng phạt bệnh Trĩ Nội Trung bình từ 20 tới 30 ngày.

1. Thuốc Cao :
– Mỗi giờ hồn đệ trình điều trừng trị gồm có 2 miếng
cao. Mỗi miếng chia 15 phần sử dụng tặng 15 ngày điều trừng trị.

mỗi một ngày 2 – 3 bận.
– Hòa ra nước ấm rồi uống ( sau tạo vật)
2. Thuốc bao trùm vọt chỏm đầu ( Huyệt Bách hội) :

– Thuốc đặt chế biến từ Thảo dược
báng : cần biểu quản lí trong cản keo kiệt lấp lạnh
mỗi một liệu thần hồn trình thuốc đắp : bệnh nhân dận phân đả 10 phần cọ nhau.
mỗi một phần dùng biếu 3 ngày điều
trừng trị.
– Cách sử dụng : trùm thuốc vào phần thóp trên đỉnh
đầu, nhất quyết kè 1 khăn nhỏ. mỗi một ngày đắp 2 lượt, Mỗi lần từ bỏ 15-20 phút.

để ý : Mỗi phần thuốc dùng biếu 3 ngày,
nên chi sau mỗi một lượt sử dụng xong xuôi, thuốc
cần bảo quản lí trong suốt ngăn đá phủ lạnh.
Trước buổi dùng 60 phút lấy vào biếu phang đông, sau đấy phun thưa Rượu gạo tẻ ra thuốc (cho thuốc mềm và nhiều đủ độ ẩm)
rồi trùm vào vụt (ng5).
– Thuốc trùm nhiều tác dụng : Thăng
Dương khí, điều trị hiệu trái các làm chứng
lâm, giã ( Trĩ, sớt dạ con..),đồng thời bồi dưỡng Tỳ, bởi vì giúp
nhuận tràng, chống táo bón và ngăn đề phòng
Trĩ tái vạc.
♥ Kết trái sau điều trị : Bệnh nhân dịp khỏi đứt bệnh Trĩ ( chứ
đang búi trĩ, chớ đau rát lỗ đít, chẳng vào huyết..) và không
tái phát.
♥ đồng dài hiệp bị bệnh Trĩ Nội lâu
năm, thời kì điều trừng trị nhiều trạng thái kéo dài hơn.
♥ dính dáng trăm bệnh nhân dịp bị bệnhTrĩ Nội sử dụng Thuốc
mức trọng tâm thoả khỏi đứt bệnh và chả
tái phát.
♥ hoàn trả lại 100% Tiền Thuốc nếu bệnh chứ thuyên giảm.

– See more at:

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