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Local Restaurant Review – Jenny's Lunch Line

Yesterday was my birthday (I turned 41; I’m proud about my age!), and what better way to spend it than going with your family to a local restaurant that serves healthy, local food? One of my new favorites is a little lunchtime establishment called Jenny’s Lunch Line in the heart of downtown Boise, in the historic Pioneer Building.

This restaurant is located at 106 N. 6th Street, and is open for lunch Monday through Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Their fare includes a nice variety of salads, sandwiches, and soups, all made from scratch.

Their menu changes day-to-day and usually they serve whatever they have until they “run out”, which means it’s freshly prepared.

They also offer catering, and their web site provides an explanation about their catering service for businesses, private events, and other special gatherings. Jenny’s also provides a delivery service for those who can’t get away from their obligations for lunch.

On their site you can get a good idea of their daily offerings and variety in their soups, salads, and sandwiches by viewing their online menu. They have something for everyone – beef, pork, lamb, chicken, and vegetarian choices as well.

They use local and organic ingredients whenever possible, which I like. There are still some commercially-packaged items available as well such as potato chips and beverages.

I love visiting Jenny’s because each time I do, I know there will be something different and new that I’ve never had before. And their price are reasonable. Yesterday I ordered the chili made from locally-raised grass-fed beef and black beans. The chili was fabulous and filling. The meat is from a local consortium of farms called Homestead Natural Foods, which is comprised of about 6 local farms following sustainable principles in raising their meats and produce. The only improvement I would make to the chili would be more meat…but that’s because I love meat and I require a lot of protein. I’m also of Type O blood, and Type Os survive on a lot of protein from meat. For more information on eating right for your blood type, visit the Eat Right For Your Blood Type site.

I also had a green salad with bleu cheese, cranberries, and sundried tomato dressing. I asked if the dressings were made with healthy oils like olive oil, and I was told that the restaurant uses a blend of olive oil and canola oil in the vinaigrette. I explained that I don’t eat vegetable oils due to the fact that most of those oils come from GMO sources and are too high in Omega 6s. The salad was fresh and green, and the ingredients used on the salad were tasty and tangy, and made my tongue very happy!  🙂

The total for my lunch was just over $8 – a great deal for a healthy chili – that was way more than I could eat – and a nice, fresh salad with unique and interesting flavors in it.

My husband and son decided to go to the taco/burrito joint next door, so we sat together in the outdoor seating and shared our different lunches. It was a beautiful day and I was glad to have a cute little restaurant so close to my house like Jenny’s Lunch Line that is mindful of earth-friendly principles and sustainable food in their business model.

I’m so encouraged and excited to see more and more businesses paying attention to where our food comes from in their business and supporting other local businesses who are also committed to the same things.

It’s great to see the ripple effect going out into the consumer realm too, as more and more people learn and becoming educated about sustainable principles and ways of living. I’ll be going back again and again! Thanks to the girls at Jenny’s, they rock! 🙂

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Happy birthday!You look so much younger than your chronological age. Reviewing good restaurants is a great idea. It is so hard to find a restaurant where the food is worth eating.

Tara – I just received a thank you note from Jenny at the restaurant and she said she is changing the oil for the salad dressing from canola to all olive oil after I told her they contained GMOs. I am super excited about this! One more reason to eat at this lovely, sustainable-minded establishment!

Stanley – thanks for the birthday wishes, I hope to continue enjoying my future birthdays as much as I enjoyed this one this year. It was a lot of fun, and going to the restaurant to eat great food was definitely a highlight.

Happy Birthday!

Great Review – I’ve always enjoyed Jenny’s & appreciate the availability of vegetarian fare.

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