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Dr. Wakefield and the MMR Vaccine “Scandal”

It has been stated over and over again in pro-vaccine communities that Dr. Wakefield and his colleagues claimed there to be a direct “connection” to the MMR and autism. But the truth is, never was there an outward statement by any of these doctors that MMR was the cause of autism.

After research in 1998, the conclusion in the paper stated by Dr. Wakefield was that further study was warranted. He went on to recommend that until those studies were completed and results evaluated that single vaccinations be administered instead of the multiple doses being given.

In the original study, 12 children with autism were examined for incidence of bowel disease. Vaccines were not part of the original equation. The study’s conclusion stated, “We did not prove an association between measles, mumps and rubella vaccine and the syndrome described [autism].” In the majority of instances, symptoms were noticeable after administration of the vaccines for each of those diseases.

Dr. Wakefield listened to the parents who came to him for help. He listened and reported their statements. Apparently, mentioning conversations had by parents of these children and their subsequent request for further investigation is now considered a criminal act.  The fact now is, whenever anyone publicly calls into question the safety and efficacy of vaccines, no matter how far removed, it can be punishable by law.

Because of false accusations made by a British journalist named Brian Deer, we are now facing this scenario for which everyone is being made to believe that questioning vaccine safety is not only a thinking error, but grounds for much more.  Parents now believe what they hear in a variety of media sources, but what’s coming out in the media is not based on a medical report, but rather, the machinations of a single person. So now false allegations made by Mr. Deer against Dr. Wakefield are in print all over the world because the media has no limitations nor rules it must follow in the name of ethics or morals, much like many large corporations and government entities. Apparently, we are to accept the fact that the final word on vaccine-autism has been had.

But parents are still talking

From the Huffington Post, listen to parents who are speaking out:

“How could the BMJ [British Medical Journal, publisher of Brian Deer’s article] scrutinize what Brian Deer has said without looking at our children’s medical notes which they are not allowed to have? This needs to be challenged.”

Another parent of one of the 12 children put things even more strongly:

“To hear that my son’s gastrointestinal condition has been extensively refuted, by unqualified and ill-informed individuals who have never laid eyes on him, looking at and mis-interpreting scanty medical notes without the courtesy to ask for our version of our son’s early childhood, flies in the face of everything that the medical community and its professional bodies seek to represent. This is especially curious as gastrointestinal issues in autism are well recognized and documented and are included in the UK government’s own best practice guidelines for early investigation and treatment.”

People hear what they want to hear about vaccination

It is frustrating to hear comments from people who repeatedly say: “vaccines are not the cause of autism.” Even to state that vaccines are the cause of autism or not is over-simplifying  an issue that is much more complex than this. Many of the practitioners I have studied which link autism and other related disorders to vaccines at all don’t simply say “vaccines cause autism”. Rather, they draw in the information as to what are the symptoms and what is causing the child to be sick. They acknowledge that there are various factors, toxic vaccines being more of a trigger point rather than the cause of onset autism.

There is also an issue about some of the children in the studies who apparently already had autism before they were vaccinated. When we hear the media parrot over and over again the faulty line of reasoning that since those children had autism before the vaccines, it proves the fraudulent quality of the study, that’s just plain incorrect.

However, it does prove that there are a lot of symptoms and behaviors children exhibit which many consider to be “normal”, like learning disorders, hyperactivity, anger issues, despondent behavior, developmental and speech delays, ADD, and others which are not normal at all. Most of the kids who are diagnosed with autism are not well one day and then sick then next. These “normal” symptoms are actually markers for gut and digestive disorders, which affect overall health and include but are not limited to: such as gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea, constipation, abdominal cramping and gas, emotional disruptions and mood swings, attention-deficit issues, and learning or developmental delays. The problem is, doctors either don’t know these facts or refuse to acknowledge them in treatment of childhood illness and disorders which lead to chronic disease.

Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride, well-respected pediatric neurosurgeon, believes that after examining the state of the digestive systems of all autistic children she has seen, they all have something in common – poor digestive health – and many are exhibiting the symptoms listed above. The digestive tract, she has found, is the center of the child’s mental development. When toxins enter the bloodstream via permeations in the small intestine or injection site – whether it is undigested food or substances from a vaccine –  those toxins penetrate the blood-brain barrier and cause interference to various places in the body, including the neurological system. Further reading on this subject can be found in her groundbreaking book Gut and Psychology Syndrome.

To the medical and health community at large, Dr. Wakefield’s research is thought to be fraudulent. And yet, the information being repeated about the Wakefield study is not even accurate.  Moreover, how can anyone continue to dismiss the countless parents and children who continue to suffer after receiving vaccinations – some of which are still supporting Dr. Wakefield and do not hold him accountable for their children’s illness? The irresponsibility of the mainstream medical community, pharmaceutical industry, and media outlets is absolutely inexcusable – but proves once again, in the real world, profit speaks much louder than ethics and justice ever do.

Medical studies supporting Dr. Wakefield’s findings

It might be a surprise to learn that there are other studies that came to the same conclusion as that of Dr. Wakefield and his colleagues. Here is one ongoing study conducted by Wake Forest Medical University in North Carolina. The medical team is in the process of performing tests on 275 children, and out of 80 tested so for the strain found in the vaccine – not the naturally-contracted variety – 72 out of 80 are positive. Do people in science, the government or media, who claim to be so concerned with “real science” realize that findings from an erroneous study cannot be duplicated?

In fact, it’s quite amazing just what you’ll find if you bother to become informed and want to get to the bottom of what’s going on.

Here are 10 more studies which support Dr. Wakefield’s findings:

Watch this important film on the facts going on with the Wakefield case. Then you decide which side of the law you believe the media is on:

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For more information on the Andrew Wakefield case, read The British Medical Journal Shows Misjudgement, Bias In Further Attack on Andrew Wakefield

Please check back on Thursday, January 12th, 2010 when you can read the story of a mother with an autistic son who developed the syndrome after receiving immunizations, in her own words.

22 replies on “Dr. Wakefield and the MMR Vaccine “Scandal””

Raine, thank you for pointing out that Dr, Wakefield never actually made the claims attributed to him by the media.

The media and the pro-vaccine lobby are trying to convince us that because Dr. Wakefield is supposedly “a fraud”, vaccines are suddenly “safe”, despite all the deaths and illnesses they cause.

This is absolutely absurd, as there is a mountain of evidence about the connection between the mercury in vaccines and Autism, that has noting to do with Dr. Wakefield.

Autism did not exist until 1934, the year that mercury preservatives were first used in vaccines.The first children to be diagnosed with Autism had all been injected with vaccines containing the mercury preservative. The first autism was caused by mercury preservatives in vaccines.

This fact autism was caused by mercury preservatives in vaccines was discovered by a research scientist working for the CDC. Instead of banning mercury preservatives, the CDC held a meeting with vaccine industry representatives. The purpose of the meeting was to hide the information to protect the vaccines companies from being sued. The transcript of this meeting was discovered by Robert Kennedy Jr, who provided all the details of this cover up in his article “Deadly Immunity”, which was published in Rolling Stone magazine.

Vaccines are not the only cause of Autism, because Mercury preservatives are not only in vaccines, but in many drugs, medications, and other products. A mother who has been poisoned by mercury preservatives can pass the Mercury into the system of her developing baby. In fact, some babies have died in the womb from Mercury poisoning.

Mercury has been known to be a deadly poison for a very long time. It was introduced into vaccines to preserve them, so the drug companies could make more money by storing many doses in a single container, rather than having a single container for each dose.

Mercury will disrupt every function of the human body, including the digestive system, as it is a deadly poison. When a vaccine acts as a trigger for autism, it is most likely attacking a system that has already been damaged by mercury.

Thank you, Raine for this easy-to read and understandable post on autism-vaccine research.
We live in an Age of Corporate Science that strives to manipulate and deceit us out of every last dollar. You see it everyday with Big Pharma marketing their fraudulent drugs and the way organized special interest groups try their hardest to discredit alternative medicine while parroting everything that for-profit Big Pharma-funded medicine research says.
Thats why we should not depend on conventional medicine for our health needs. We need to become self-sufficient and empowered and take back control of our bodies no matter how hard the fight is. We cannot go on letting our children be poisoned by the big corporations and all their corporate mouthpieces.

Thanks for your words, Stanley. I appreciate so much that you understand what an underhanded thing it is for the government to push these toxic substances on us. Mercury is a poisonous substance, and has been well-documented as such. I can only imagine this and other mechanisms through which we are being poisoned are likely some form of population control. Imagine a multi-billion dollar industry that convinces the public to be injected with poisonous substances under the guise that our health is being “protected” for a profit…and that’s exactly what our government has done. We’ve been sold for financial gain.

I’d like to get my hands on the article written by Robert Kennedy Jr. It sounds very interesting. Coverups have been going on for a long time about the vaccination industry and just what they do to people, but with continued efforts, people like us WILL get the message through to others. I find it difficult to believe how many people deny and deny the fact that mercury brings harm to people with all the available evidence about it in existence. I listened to the author on Science Friday last week on NPR make a statement that absolutely floored me – that the mercury in vaccines was far below the “acceptable” amount as dictated by the law for safety. Oh really? Since when is poison in ANY amount acceptable for people to ingest or have injected into them? Not to mention all other places we are getting mercury from – our food, pharmaceutical products, tattoo ink, personal care products, etc. It’s pretty clear what’s going on here, that the whole thing smells of a cover-up and big money at work.

Kelli – thanks for your comments. I totally agree, allopathic and conventional medicine have let us down so many times, all in the name of making money. If their actions were actually leading to helping or healing people, it would be a different story. I hear people criticizing natural and alternative medicine saying that it’s only there to make money too. And yet, there is a huge difference. Those people practicing alternative treatments and medicine are continually criticized, run out-of-business, and attempted to be discredited…and for doing what? Offering products and services which help people heal? The same can’t be said for conventional medicine. The list of side-effects, law suits, and suffering consumers and patients is miles long, and is well-documented. But you will not find a single documented instance where a natural treatment or remedy made someone sick or killed them. And yet people continue to defend this broken, horrific system. It’s time to wake up, people! I’m glad you are one who has awakened. 🙂

Raine, EXCELLENT article! Your point about folks hearing what they want to hear about vaccination is very crucial to the whole discussion. There is no doubt that Dr. Wakefield is the focus of media railroad job. Even if folks choose to support vaccination, they should be horrified at the manipulation of the media and how Dr. Wakefield’s character and reputation have been destroyed all in the name of preserving corporate profits. It is shameful, but the good news is that almost HALF of parents(40% according to the CDC) are now refusing or delaying vaccination. The public is waking up, one person at a time due to wonderful blogs like yours. Keep up the good work!

Raine, Dr. Russell Blaylock says that the amount of Mercury in vaccines is far above the so called acceptable amount. In fact, some anti vaccine protesters were planning to break one vial of vaccine on the floor of a government office. The government stated they would be arrested if they did so and a that hazardous materials team would have to come to clean up the vaccines – yet they inject this poison into babies.

But I agree with you, there is no acceptable amount of this deadly poison.And a law stating it is acceptable is a sick joke.

The other problem is that Mercury is a cumulative poison, that accumulates in the organs of the body, including the brain. Dr Blaylock has written that mercury easily penetrates the so called blood brain barrier. Every additional vaccination adds more mercury to this deadly store, and the body has a very hard time removing mercury from the organs without help.
Which means that the cumulative exposure from the dozens of vaccinations they inflict on babies is much higher that the amount of Mercury from a single shot.

Dr Blaylock also pointed out that aluminum is in almost every vaccination, and is a toxin that behaves very much like mercury in the body. Aluminum has been found in very high concentrations in the brains of Alzheimers victims.

I agree with you totally about the smell. I am convinced that the whole thing is a cover-up motivated by huge profits, and maybe some population control

Who would ever dare say alternative medicine is only in it for the money when Big Pharma pulls in billions of dollars a year? No natural health practitioner or company makes anywhere close to what the legalized drug cartel makes. How could someone call natural medicine for-profit? In fact, I’ve always held the strong belief that conventional medicine is nothing more than a bunch of fraudulent bullcrap designed to make profits and cares nothing about real health. To me conventional medicine is the biggest con job ever perpetuated against humanity. Most disease is a result of living in a polluted nutritionally-deficient industrialized world, its not caused by a lack of a chemical. Yet drugs are nothing but chemical cocktails.

Kelli – I know, it sounds insane, doesn’t it? Those I know who practice alternative medicine and try to heal people, for the most part, are struggling to make ends meet just like the rest of us, and often put everything on the line with their own money, time and effort to be able to continue to help people. And yet, I hear two things – 1) that those who are struggling are doing so because people know their practices don’t work and they can’t make a good living at it, or 2) that those who are making a good living have somehow managed to pull the wool over the eyes of the consumers and have found a way to make $$ off them. It’s crazy what people will say to discredit natural ways and means. But that’s why I maintain this blog, to counter what’s propagated by the mainstream and offer another point of view. Thanks for your comments, keep them coming! I appreciate your input.

If I heard someone say that I would probably lose my temper. So why are conventional medical doctors paid so much to poison people with drugs? Why are these people allowed to hand out some of the most dangerous things you could ever put in your body like candy? How many times have we heard of a MD getting paid out by Big Pharma to peddle their dangerous toxic products? Thats why I call conventional medicine profit medicine as really thats all it is. They have little evidence for their drugs and surgeries and have no reason to ever call natural medicine a fraud. Ironically, conventional medicine is nothing but a fraud and the massive suppression that goes towards alternative proves that Conventional med. is a fraud. Most of this suppression and discrediting is done by Big Pharma or special interest groups. A disease is not caused by lack of chemicals and to think so is the true definition of “quackery”.

Stanley – I believe all that you say is true, and I have read some of Dr. Blaylock’s work (I have the Excitotoxin book) and he is a fantastic researcher who has helped many people understand these bodies of knowledge so much better due to his diligence and perseverance in those fields. The information on Sarah’s page from Dr. Blaylock was quite fascinating – not the most recent one from last week, but an older one (I believe she linked to it in the current vaccine post).

Hi Sarah – thanks for your comments, and many, many thanks for all you do and your vaccine post, I hope others find it useful. The more people who wake up, the bigger our revolution will be. And it’s going to come on like a freight train. 🙂

I do everyday! I’m going to post a link to this post on my blog cause I’d like to do a short post on vaccines. Though you’ve already said it for me.

More Anti-vaxxer crap. I would be curious to know what credentials the “journalist” who posted this drivel has. If it’s just a journalism degree, they need to stop reporting on science.
Oh I found em. Check, a degree in communications. With no real science background. Yet another reporter who is part of the problem and not part of the solution.

Hello Jayson – I can tell by your comment that you didn’t actually have a thoughtful, thorough read of my post. Have you actually done any research to find out about this issue? It doesn’t sound like you have done anything but mouth the words from the industry and the medical community that supports vaccination. They never talk about all the side-effects, risks, and children who are brought in to be seen after vaccination who have suffered dramatic physical and emotional changes, even though side-effects and permanent changes to children’s health and abilities after having vaccines are well-documented and occur all the time.

My educational background has nothing to do with whether I’m correct about this. And the facts speak for themselves. If you look at all the studies done which replicate Dr. Wakefield’s findings (which I’ve posted here), you’ll see that these findings could not possibly be replicated if they were faulty. Faulty findings cannot occur over and over again. And there was recently another study which occurred BEFORE the Wakefield study and has the same conclusions. Here it is:

And by the way, the conclusions never stated that autism was caused by vaccines – only that all the children in the study had bowel disease and that further investigation was warranted. I get so tired of hearing people repeat incorrect information they’ve heard from someone else or something else, before they have actually researched and understood all the facts and implications behind a situation as complicated as this one. Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride, a well-known pediatric neurosurgeon, confirms this belief that vaccines are only one component of full-blown autism, that the gut flora has everything to do with the development and manifestation of disorders like ADD, ADHD, learning disorders, dyspraxia, dyslexia, and yes, autism. In all the cases of medical researchers who bother to find out, all kids with autism have bowel disease of some sort and also have abnormal gut flora. It’s an irrefutable fact.

Also, please remember that the pharmaceutical industry pays to have plenty of studies done claiming there is no problem with vaccines, and yet children continue to get sick. How do you explain this?

Interesting. 1934 you say. In 1934 the first recorded outbreak of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (aka what the CDC and NIH would later rename “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” despite the already officially designated term ME that had been added to the ICD in 1969) occurred at the Los Angeles County Hospital. A reveiw was written up by Dr. A.G. Gilliam. According to Dr. Byron Hyde (as detailed in “The Clinical and Scientific Basis for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, this paper was held back by “senior officials in the United States’ health bureaucracy” because of an association with a polio prophylaxis given at the time. He goes on, “…the second wave of illness [what was called “atypical polio” at the time and would later be recognized as ME] appears to have been caused iatrogenically by the injecting of prophylactic serum. Gilliam told Dr. Shelekov [known to have researched an epidemic of ME with Dr. Donald Henderson–who was famous for leading the CDC program to rid the world of smallpox–and who later became a world renowned expert on ME] that he had been, ‘stymied by his superiors from telling the whole story.'”

This begs a very serious question. Are the massive increase in neuroimmume disorders, including autism, ME, fibromyalgia, and others, possibly a byproduct of the last century’s vaccination program? While speculatively correlative, I think this deserves attention. Especially considering the recent research looking at XMRV and the possibility that XMRV may have been an accidental laboratory creation. There have been a number of researchers over the years who have warned that using live, attenuated viruses could provide the perfect templates to allow viral and bacterial recombination to occur and the possible production of pathogenic variants capable of causing disease; sometime illnesses that are very different than the illnesses the vaccine was intended to protect from in the first place.

Another thought. Vaccination relies on Evolution as a primary driving principle. The idea is to speed up mutation and adaptation to human physiology so that the pathogen is rendered “adapted” to the human physiology and will thus be less pathogenic (pathogens usually become less pathogenic over time because it enhances it’s own survival if it does not kill the host.) Vaccines are not passaged through humans to weaken their pathogenicity however; they are passaged through various animal organs. One has to ask, is it ultimately wise to adapt a virus to humans by adapting it to animals? Perhaps someone with more knowledge on this particular subject can answer this question as I’m no micro-biologist, but it does seem highly counter-intuitive. Any takers?

Remember this name. Dr William Thompson. CDC vaccine researcher and MMR whistle blower. Escorted off CDC grounds by security. Confesses and admits to covering up facts that Merck’s MMR caused autism. So who are the frauds? Wakefield, McCarthy? No Thompson et al and the CDC are the frauds. Call in the FBI

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