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Cholesterol and Why Statin Drugs are Harmful

  For decades, health experts have told us to watch our cholesterol levels, lower our intake of saturated fats, and consume low-fat diets. An estimated 102 million Americans have cholesterol levels higher than 200. More than 20 million Americans are on statin drugs to lower cholesterol. In theory, if we were following recommendations from doctors, […]

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Drugs: Our First Line of Defense?

I’m so glad to have such a timely post to share with all of my readers. It seems like more and more I have conversations with people about using natural means versus drugs and over-the-counter medication for health problems. It is my most sincere hope to inspire some interest in using natural remedies instead of […]

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Who’s Right? Finding the Truth About Medical Knowledge, Science, Health, and Nutrition

Over the years, I’ve had discussions and debates with people who just don’t buy the “natural” approach or the idea that nutrition and food are our best weapons against disease. There are many people I know who really, truly trust their doctors and the tenets of conventional medicine and science to give them medication, perform […]

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Prescription Drugs, Healing, And The Almighty Dollar

The use of prescription drugs has led us into a lot of trouble with regard to our health. According to Dr. Hyla Cass, “Nearly 50% of American adults take at least one prescription medication, and nearly 20% take three or more.” Often, little consideration is given to the side-effects of medications until it is too […]