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SimplyThick Brand Instant Food Thickener/Formula Causes 22 Infant Deaths

As heartbreaking as this subject is, I feel very strongly about discussing this topic as a way to prevent more damage to children’s health in the future. Unfortunately, recalls of infant formula and related products, and sickness and deaths from babies consuming them are nothing new. Today, news reports are showing the recall of Simply […]

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Reading Labels In The Store – Don't Be Fooled By Marketing Lingo!

When you go to the store, are you overwhelmed and confused by what you read on the packages of the foods you buy? If so, you are not alone. Deciphering information on nutritional labels and information on packages can be a real challenge. Many big corporations and agribusiness conglomerates have learned that people are spurred […]

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Is Best Foods Mayonnaise Healthier Than It Used To Be?

You may have seen recent television and magazine advertisements for Best Foods “real” olive oil mayonnaise, claiming its health benefits due to its Omega 3 content. Best Foods has started by changing the labeling on their mayonnaise to read “Real”, along with the assertion in their ads that their mayonnaise is made with “real” food. […]