Health Information

This page contains listings for local resources in the Boise, Idaho and Adjacent Areas as well as other listings for real food, natural products, and services across the Internet

Local Businesses and Merchants

A Table in Thyme

Chef service offering meal preparation using natural, organic, and local products – great tasting meals at an affordable price. Customized menus available that account for food allergies, preferences, and other specific dietary needs. Catering, lunch box service, and prepared meals. Chef Sonja Degenhardt (714-936-9250) and Chef Jody Slater (208-830-2682) do all the shopping and prepare food in your kitchen.

Alderspring Ranch

Alderspring Ranch raises pasture-fed beef in Tendoy, ID. Glenn and Caryl Elzinga. Their meat is rich-tasting, healthy, and natural beef carefully raised the old-fashioned way.

Azure Standard

Quality bulk and natural foods. Located in Durfur, OR.

Black Canyon Ranch – Located on the banks of the Payette River at 8611 Dewey Road, Emmett, Idaho. 83617 Grass-fed Rocky Mountain Elk; animals are never treated with antibiotics or hormones. Deliver locally and offer steaks, sausages, and jerky. Call 208-365-5432 for more information. Capital City Farmers Market vendors.

Blue Sage Farm – Laura Sluder, Shoshone, Idaho. 83352., 208-481-0590. Grass-fed lamb meat. Capital City Market vendor.

The Boise Co-Op

The Co-Op is a grocery alternative with a grand selection of wines, cheese, meats, full-service deli, produce, plants and seeds, and natural and organic products of many kinds including home and personal care items (soaps, detergents, vitamins, supplements, homeopathic remedies, skin and hair care products,). Come and visit the Co-Op at 888 Fort Street, Boise. ID. in the North End. 208-472-4500. Sponsor of Two Angry Moms Boise, Idaho film event, October 15th, 2008.

Boise Milk

Delivery service providing antibiotic/hormone free, locally-produced milk, dairy, and other products (juices, breads, etc.). Reasonable prices. Easy sign up via their web site or phone. Boise, Idaho. 208-562-8885.

Brown Box Organics

Delivery service providing organic fruits/vegetables and other home and kitchen foods/staples on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. Very reasonable prices! Signing up for subscriptions are easy via their web site or phone. Nampa, Idaho. 208-442-0596. Sponsor of Two Angry Moms film event, Boise, Idaho, October 15th, 2008.

Brown’s Buffalo Ranch – 720 Stephens Blvd., Nyssa. Oregon. 97913, 541-372-5588. Grass-fed buffalo meat. Capitol City Market vendor.

Canyon Bounty Farm

Certified organic nursery starts and seeds, 13376 Orchard Street, Nampa, ID.

Earthly Delights

A small-scale, human-powered urban farm offering vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers – sometimes have eggs and honey as well. Bicycle-delivered delivery Casey O’Leary, 2609 Arthur Street, Boise, Idaho. 83703 208-284-3712.

McClaskey’s Farm

Eggs, chickens, and vegetables. Caldwell, ID. 208-899-5408. Capital City Farmers market vendors. Sponsor of Two Angry Moms film event, Boise, Idaho, October 15th, 2008.

Meadowlark Farm

Antibiotic and hormone-free, raised on pasture lamb, chickens, sausage, eggs. Also have wool available. Janie Burns, Southside Blvd., Nampa, ID. 208-466-4806. Capital City Farmers market vendors.

Morning Owl Farm

A family farm located at the base of the Boise foothills, Morning Owl Farm specializes in duck eggs and naturally-grown produce, herbs, plant starts, and flowers. The farm will also be offering jams, pasture-raised chickens, breads, personal care products and more. Has annual CSAs and “market evenings” for subscribers on Wednesdays, and to the public on Thursdays from 4 – 7 p.m. 7020 Pet Haven Lane, Boise, ID. Sponsor of Two Angry Moms film event, Boise, Idaho, October 15th, 2008.

Noble Foods Farm

Offering CSA, organic produce delivery. Jan Book, 1517 Oregon Avenue, Caldwell, ID 83605. 208-860-4308,

Peaceful Belly

5200 Castle Drive, Boise, ID. Clay and Josie Erskine. 208-345-8003. Peaceful Belly is a bio-intensive famr which uses crop rotation, cover crops, seed-saving, water-conserving irrigation, composting, mulching, and raised beds. Provide CSAs May through October annually. Capital City Farmers market vendors. Sponsor of Two Angry Moms film event, Boise, Idaho, October 15th, 2008.

Saint John’s Organic Farms

Family-owned and operated, St. John’s features pasture-raised cattle farm producing organic, 100% hormone, antibiotic, and pesticide free beef located in Emmett, Idaho. Now offering a certified organic raw milk co-op as well.  208-365-3213.

Sisters of the Soil

CSA offering fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers to the public. 4768 West Farm Court, Hidden Springs, Idaho. 83714. Contact Doreen at 208-830-1841.

Tri-City Meats foodservice company specializing in meat and seafood. Tri-City Meats also distribute Idaho’s largest assortment of bio-degradable, compostable, and Earth-friendly foodservice products.

Urbane Farms

Limited CSA shares of  pesticide-free vegetables, flowers, and herbs. 300 Resseguie, Boise, Idaho 83702 or 813 Balsam, Boise, Idaho. 83706. Bingo Barnes. 208-761-9538.

List of Practitioners and other services

Dr. Jennifer Anacker – Comprehensive chiropractic care with an emphasis in pediatric chiropractic and children’s health. 208-287-2299 Boise, 208-288-1776, Meridian. Sponsor and Speaker, Two Angry Moms film event, Boise, Idaho, October 15th, 2008.

Jennifer Calla

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Specializing in nutritional analysis through muscle-testing and physical assessment to key points of the body as it relates to total health through mineral balance, digestion, essential fatty acid balance, hydration, and blood sugar levels., 208-866-0264.

Day Dreamz Salon and Day Spa

Hair, nails, facials, waxing, massage, esthetic services, and sauna detox available. Due to toxic fumes, permanents and artificial nails are not offered.  Natural products and procedures used throughout services offered. 1412 N. Main Street, Meridian, Idaho. 83642. 208-888-9935.

enforme – personal training, Holly Paquette, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer. 199 N. Capitol Blvd., Suite 301, Boise, Idaho. 83712. 208-890-5035,

Dr. Brenda Holcombe

Since 1976 – Certified Professional Midwife and Naturopathic Family Physician. Comprehensive natural health care. Home births, water births, family planning, nutrition, herbs, childbirth classes, homeopathy. 2660 E. Franklin Road, Meridian, ID. 208-344-6600, office. 208-344-6600, cell.

Dr. Joan Haynes

Naturopathic Physician

4219 W. Emerald Street, Boise, ID. 208-338-0405.

Dr. Shannon Gaertner-Ewing

Chiropractic and Integrated Medicine.

315 7th Avenue S., Nampa, ID. 208-467-5994.

Remedy Skin Care

The Muse Building, 1317 W. Jefferson Street, Boise, Idaho 83702.  Facials, waxes, and other related services. Offering handmade organic skincare products by Eminence. Vida Lietuvninkas and Carlotta Martinez, Licensed Estheticians.208-344-5883.

Dr. Deb Roman, DO

Osteopathic Medicine

Medical care with an emphasis on osteopathic manipulation (osteopathy in the cranial field), nutrition, homeopathy, and other modalities that encourage healing. She has practiced medicine for about 15 years. 742 E. State Street, Suite 160, Eagle, Idaho. 83616. 208-859-5055.

Dr. Rose Thomas

Naturopathic Health Care -medical care, specializing in mammoscans (no x-ray and no compression), natural hormone rejuventation, electro-acupuncture, nutrition counseling and allergy elimination, and therapeutic lymphatic massage. Speaker, Two Angry Moms film event, Boise, Idaho, October 15th, 2008.

330 N. Orchard Street, Boise, ID. 208-631-7227.

Acupuncture Center of Boise

Charles Raymond

Specializing in acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

126 Broadway Avenue. 208-388-1171.

Qvius Healing Arts Center

Specializing in nutrition.

760 Warm Springs Avenue, Boise, ID. 208-342-4215.

Across the Internet

Eat Wild

Information about the benefits and superiorities of grass-fed livestock. Connects consumers to reliable suppliers of meat from truly all-natural, grass-fed & pastured farms.

The Green Guide

The Green Living Source for today’s conscious consumer.

Dr. Mercola’s site

Although some of the information on this site is over-the-top, Dr. Mercola’s site includes a wealth of information about health and nutrition w orth checking out.

Culture Change

A site dedicated to eco-friendly living, ideas, and lifestyles.

Cultures for Health

Starters for various fermented foods like buttermil, sourdough bread, and lacto-fermented vegetables, kefir starter, cheesemaking, kombucha, sprouting and kitchen supplies, and much more.

Green Pastures

Fermented cod liver oil, butter oil, and coconut oil, skate liver oil, and certified organic coconut ghee

Hallelujah Acres

Very useful and authoritative resource site for natural health information and products.

Annie Appleseed Project

Information about complimentary, alternative therapies and treatments for cancer.

Magnetic Clay

Purchase clay baths for detoxification from heavy metals, parasites, and other toxins which directly contribute to and cause many common health issues. Very informative site with great articles about natural healing, cancer causes and cures, and an array of other related topics.

National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

If you are looking for the latest in sustainable agriculture and organic farming news, events, and funding opportunities, it’s all here.

Pure Indian Foods

Family-owned and operated producers of grass-fed ghee and other great products

ONE Group – Organic and Natural Enterprise Group

Sells internationally certified organic personal care and nutritional products.

Nutritional Wellness

Respected journal reporting on the virtues of using nutrition, homeopathy, and herbs for health.

Organic Pastures

Family owned and operated, OP sells raw dairy (butter, cream, cheese, milk, etc.) that is organic, free from pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics. Cows are pasture-raised. OP ships products fresh or frozen to your home.

TheWhoFarm – a non-partisan, petition-based initiative to respectfully request that our 44th President oversee the planting of an organic farm on the grounds of The White House, our nation’s First Home, at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC. Loaded with great resources and information about how to get involved nationally and locally and bring a healthy mindset of farming and living to your community.

To Your Health Sprouted Grains – whole, sprouted grains and flour company.

Two Angry Moms – a film and activist project by two mothers who finally got so fed up with the quality of school lunches, they decided to do something about it. Visit their site and follow their activities. This film will be coming to Boise, Idaho, October 15th, 2008. Visit the Two Angry Moms web site for details.

Urban Homemaker

Family-run business dedicated to education about home, cooking, and life skills toward making your family healthier – recipes, kitchen tools, devices, and appliances, cookware, books, dehydrators, water purification systems, and much more

U.S. Wellness Meats – grass-fed meats, pasture-raised poultry, pork, and lamb, game meats, sustainable seafood, healthy snacks, and much more. Located in Monticello, MO.

Vital Choice Seafood

Sustainable-produced wild salmon, tuna, and other seafood harvested from healthy, well-managed fisheries and farms

Weston A. Price Foundation

Established by Dr. Weston Price, a non-profit charity organization whose work is dedicated to disseminating information about healthy lifestyles as related to nonindustrial societies and their activities. Absolutely chock-full of resources, information, and support for sustainable living and lifestyles.


Live and fermented foods containing probiotics – salsas, sauerkraut, salad dressings

Suggested Reading

Animal, Vegetable, Mineral: A Year of Food Life – Barbara Kingsolver

Fast Food Nation : The Dark Side of The All-American Meal – Eric Schlosser

Fat Land: How Americans Became the Fattest People in the World – Greg Critser

Nourishing Traditions – The Cookbook That Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and Diet Dictocrats – Sally Fallon

The Ominvore’s Dilemma – Michael Pollan

Performance Without Pain – Kathryne Pirtle, Sally Fallon, and Dr. John D. Turner, DC, CCSP, DIBCN

Prescription for Nutritional Healing: A Practical A to Z Reference to Drug-Free Remedies Using Vitamins, Minerals, and Food Supplements – Phyllis A. Balch and James F. Balch

The Master Cleanser – Stanley Burroughs

Take Control of Your Health – Dr. Joseph Mercola

The Detox Book: How to Detoxify Your Body and Improve your Health, Stop Disease, and Reverse Aging, 2nd Edition – Bruce Fife

The Cure for All Diseases – Dr. Hulda R. Clark

The Cancer Cure That Worked: 50 Years of Suppression – Barry Lynes

Fertility Foods: Optimize Ovulation and Conception Through Food Choices – Jeremie and Lori Groll

The Infertility Cure: The Ancient Chinese Wellness Program for Getting Pregnant and Having Healthy Babies – Randine Lewis

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