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Our Relationship To Food, And What That Means In The Modern World – Resolutions to Commit to Sustainability

What are your food habits? The way we develop our relationship to the food we eat says a lot about us – it can show just how far we are willing to go in order to locate good sources for food. It can also show how in touch we are with the important issues surrounding […]

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Grocery Store Wars – May The Force – And Sustainability – Be With You!

This video adeptly uses the Star Wars mythology to illustrate the state of our food system. What can YOU do to combat the resistance? Buy sustainable Buy local Buy organic Avoid processed, packaged, genetically-modified foods Eat traditional foods Eat whole foods How well do you know your food? Find out! Whole and healthy meat…does it […]

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National Animal Identification System – How It Will Affect Our Sustainability

Are you familiar with the NAIS (National Animal Identification System)? If you aren’t, you soon will be. If you currently own livestock, are planning to own livestock, or eat meat, dairy, or meat-by products, you will be affected by this measure. In the midst of supposed “pandemics” such as the Swine Flu, plans to make […]