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Breast Cancer; Prevention First!

Guest article written by Dr. Rose Thomas, Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathy

Have you Ever Questioned Whether Radiation or X-Ray is Safe?

Recently, the good, bad and ugly regarding mammograms has been discussed among breast cancer organizations. It is important we are fully informed as we make health care choices for ourselves and our loved ones. Even though mammography is the standard for early detection of breast cancer, we now have an alternative that can detect problems and provide information years ahead than was previously possible with mammogram findings – and without the risks associated with radiation exposure.

Mammography involves exposure to low dose ionizing radiation. The National Toxicology Program classifies ionizing radiation as a known human carcinogen and the National Research Council has stated that even the smallest dose has the potential to cause a small increase in the risk of cancer. The gene in cancer development we are most concerned with is p53. Gene p53 controls the cellular growth within the body and if radiation or x-ray comes in contact with this gene it will mutate and create a tumor. X-ray or ionizing radiation damage is cumulative and will not dissipate over one’s lifetime.

During a mammogram, if a cyst or tumor ruptures from the compression of the X-Ray these toxic cells will spread through the body and settle in the healthy cells.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were a safer, non-invasive, non-radiological exam that would allow us to see what the body is doing prior to a possible irreversible disease? Thermography may be the exam we are looking for that offers early prevention and peace of mind. Thermography is an early warning system that shows what the body is doing years before current exams. The process is non-invasive and uses heat to register the body’s temperature at the cellular level. This information allows us to find cellular changes at their earliest signs of change. Thermography has no Ionizing Radiation or X-Ray, no Compression, and is FDA approved. If needed, mammography should be used after all other non-invasive exams have been performed.

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A good friend of ours just went through an ordeal with breast cancer. The incidence of breast cancer has increased to 1 in 8 women, with 4,000 new cases weekly.
You might ask, could there be a preventive measure which is safe, cheap and widely available that has been overlooked?
The answer is YES , and it’s the essential mineral, Iodine , which was added to table salt in 1924 as part of a national program to prevent Goiter. It turns out that this same Iodine in table salt is the key to breast cancer prevention as proposed by the following list of prestigious doctors: Guy Abraham, MD, Robert Derry MD PHD, David Brownstein MD, George Flechas MD, Donald Miller, M.D.
Dr. B.A. Eskin published 80 papers over 30 years researching iodine and breast cancer, and he reports that iodine deficiency causes breast cancer and thyroid cancer in humans and animals. Iodine deficiency is also known to cause a pre-cancerous condition called fibrocystic breast disease.
Ghent published a paper in 1993 which showed iodine supplementation works quite well to reverse and resolve fibrocystic changes of the breast, and this is again the subject of a current clinical study.
Despite its obvious potential, not much has been done with Iodine treatment over the past 40 years in the United States. Since iodine isn’t patentable and is therefore unlikely to be profitable to market, there is no money to fund studies for “FDA approval”. However, FDA approval is not required since Iodine is already an additive to table salt at the supermarket.
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I disagree that iodine can be a cure-all for cancer since the cause of the cancerous mutation must be determined in order to be completely certain it stems from iodine deficiency. If the problem is hormonal in nature, iodine would be an acceptable treatment. If the cause is some other origin, iodine would be more or less ineffective and could actually cause problems from an overdose. Tests can be conducted to determine such as muscle or blood. In our diets many of us do not receive adequate doses of iodine to properly maintain health, but we are also lacking in so many other essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes that it is important to make certain of the cause of an illness or disease before blindly treating it. AS

The radiation is incredibly scary! I am not sure, if I trust the X-ray machines and tend to refuse them, when given the opportunity. Also, it is imperative to make sure that you stay way from cell phones and Wi-Fi signals!

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