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Shall We Gather At The River?

Don’t miss this important film! There are many diligent and brave filmmakers out there today willing to make sacrifices and take risks to bring you important information about our food industry, and this film is no exception. The American people have a right to know how their food is produced, and should be informed about what really goes on in the dealings and activities of corporate agribusiness – one of the most powerful and wealthy entities in existence. Considering how they make their money, there should be no question of their accountability for ours and other nation’s health issues – which are directly affected by what we eat and how that food is grown and produced.

If everyone really understood the impact and magnitude of what has been allowed to, by our own country’s laws, continue to occur – there would be a revolt the likes of which no one has ever seen. Let’s cause this revolt to happen…go see this film! Empower yourselves and educate others…and then stop purchasing factory farmed, industrial food! Buy organic, sustainable, and local!