Raw Milk Trial in Wisconsin Could Set a Precedent for the Future

Are we going to continue to allow our government to dictate what we can and cannot put into our own bodies? Say it ain’t so!

Raw milk is once again come under the radar, this time in America’s Dairyland – The state of Wisconsin.¬† On Monday, December 21 2009, Max Kane will face prosecution in Viroqua, WI. His crime? Failure to release the source of his raw milk as well as the names of people on his delivery route. Kane, a farmer, promoter of raw milk and founder of the private buyer’s club Belle’s Lunchbox.Join us in our quest for freedom, justice, and the right to healthy food.

If you are in the Viroqua area, please come and invest your day to show support as citizens fight for our rights to obtain healthy food!

Watch this video about the trial and surrounding events:

According to Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, he is “under investigation by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP). DATCP is seeking to obtain from Max business records for Belle’s Lunchbox including a membership list of those who belong to the buyer’s club”.

The court hearing scheduled for Monday, December 21 at the Viroqua, Wisconsin Court House is in response to DATCP’s request for these records as well as its request to obtain testimony from Max about the operations of Belle’s Lunchbox. Max has refused to surrender any information requested by DATCP and submits that the entity has no jurisdiction over Belle’s and that the agency is attempting to violate his constitutional rights.

Schedule of events:

12:30 to 6:30 p.m. a free lecture/workshop at the Landmark Center – 500 E. Jefferson Stree, Viroqua, WI, second floor auditorium).

and raw milk rally, featuring as guest speakers:

– and more to speak about raw milk, health, freedom, and food sovereignty.

Max has been consuming raw milk to restore his health – he’s battled various challenges like Crohn’s Disease and found improvement from changes in lifestyle choices, including drinking raw milk. Max saw an opportunity to help others due to his own health-changing experience, and has become an advocate and activist for real food and real milk.

If you are unable to attend the rally and court case, do all you can to support the raw milk industry and your health by drinking raw milk and supporting local farmers in your area selling  clean, raw milk!

For more information, visit the Rally4Raw Milk web site and

The Raw Milk Battle: Shouldn’t Consumers Have a Choice? at the Chelsea Green web site.

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