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How Time Changes Things – Looking Into The Future And 2010

Over the last month or so, we’ve been working on a new site design. I’m very pleased with the results. This site was born in 2006, and this re-design is a step toward the next level of where I want to take things. It takes time to complete a new design, and I always tell myself I just don’t have it.  Even with the launch of the new design, there are still tasks to be done – as there always are with web sites. But with patience and perseverance, I’ll get there.

It’s after midnight as I’m writing this, and I’m thinking about all that has transpired since the year 2000. In particular, this is pertinent to me because more has changed in my life during this last decade that is significant than in any other decade in my life thus far. I turned 40 in August of last year (now, 2009…quite difficult for me to believe). I had my first and only child at age 31. Since that time and over the last decade, I made major lifestyle changes that have actually improved my health so dramatically, I almost feel like I’m younger than I did at 30. I’ve been married for almost 16 years to a wonderful man who puts up with my tempestuous, capricious nature (as compared to his even, predictable one).

In 2010, so many things are different about me and my habits. Ten years ago I had already become acquainted with organic foods. That was not a new idea to me. But by and large I was still eating a lot of unhealthy foods – unknowingly, of course. Back then I didn’t know what sustainable meant, or what genetically-modified seeds were, or gave really any thought whatsoever to the fact that most meat and dairy are packed full of antibiotics and hormones. None of those things would have ever occurred to me.

Some people believe you can drive yourself crazy trying to keep up with all of it, that it takes too much effort, or that it costs too much money. And so why bother? I guess the way I see it is that there really is so much that you can do, and even if it does end up costing more money up front, it’s got to be worth it. Especially when in the long run you are saving yourself health and medical bills later. It’s an investment up front in prevention by holistic lifestyle choices that will keep you healthier down the road, in the future. That’s my health insurance – especially since my family is now self-employed with our new solar business and no one is supplementing our insurance anymore.

I started this web site in 2006 with the hope of being able to help others with the knowledge I had gained from my own experiences. My health had basically hit rock bottom and I knew there was no place to go but up. When conventional medicine failed me, I went searching on my own for solutions. I had a lot to live for – I wasn’t even middle-aged yet, but I felt sick and exhausted every day of my life. I had a beautiful family that needed me. I wanted to be there for them and enjoy our precious time together on this earth, which is so fleeting, to the fullest.

I was motivated to take all the research I had conducted, put it together, and do something constructive with it – by helping others. Originally I started off with just this web site and then I decided to also maintain a “health tip of the day” site as well. I spent a lot of time on tips of the day, and eventually realized I just couldn’t maintain both sites. Many of the articles you have seen here and will see in the future are from those tips I wrote during 2008 and 2009 (over 240 articles). But this was the main reason I didn’t post as regularly on this site, and I have now decided to focus on the main Agriculture Society site.

So as another year comes around, I am happy to say I’ve come far. I still have far to go. There are many things I want to do with this web site that I haven’t yet accomplished. The first three years have been a feeling-around and learning process. I’ve never been as technology-experienced as I’d like, but that’s going to change. My wonderful husband has gone above and beyond in helping me with this site, and for that I’m eternally grateful. I also appreciate the loyal following of readers I’ve come to expect who visit, as well as the wonderful community of other people who maintain sites and share an interest in sustainable living. Thanks much for everyone’s continued support and providing me with the motivation to continue on with making this world a better place through education about real food and natural living.

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Hi Raine….just RT’d your launch on twitter and came on over to look some more. You definitely don’t look 40! I would have guessed you much younger. Very nice new site. Must head to bed now….long New Years Day and have the alarm set for 3:30a.m. to see our youngest son and our daughter in law off.
Happy New Year.

John – nice to see you on here! Hopefully I’ll run into you soon – haven’t seen you in a coon’s age! 🙂

Pamela – thanks for your comment & retweet! Hope you are having a great new year, and sorry to hear you have to get up so early – but at least it’s for family. 🙂

Cara – thanks much for your comment, and happy new year to you!


This is beautiful! Great job on the new site, I absolutely love it!! I am so looking forward to this New Year 😀 Maybe one day we can actually meet! Have a great blessed New Year to you and your family 😀

Hi Diana –

Thanks for your comments! I am really excited for this year as well, and I hope it brings a lot of positive things for us all, especially with regard to education about real food! I would be tickled to meet you someday…I have family in Michigan and Ohio, but nowhere in Iowa. Maybe someday something will work out…perhaps at a Weston A. Price Conference, or some other related event? This year we are trying to get our solar business going so we can travel again. Starting up a new career is tough, but it’s very much something we feel passionate about and believe in. May God bless you and your family and it’s great to be in touch! 🙂

Wow, your new site looks AWESOME!

I’m also stunned to hear that you are 40. As Billy Crystal would say, “You look marvelous!”

Ahem — that quote ages me, I guess. I turned 41 last July.

Holding up a glass of Champagne to you in a toast. Happy New Year!

Ann Marie – Nice to see you here! It’s funny, I was telling Bruce when we loaded that picture above on to the site how much I didn’t like it of myself, but of course we always hate all the pictures of ourselves that everyone else likes, don’t we?

Billy Crystal and SNL in the 70’s. As Maurice Chevalier would say from Gigi, “Ah yes…I remember it well!” Now if that doesn’t date me, I don’t know what would!

Thanks much for the well-wishes, and here’s to Real Food Media and all the sustainable food web sites going into 2010!

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