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Big Pharma Wants To Outlaw Natural Food Supplements

Here is an action item that arrived in my mailbox yesterday from one of the lists I subscribe to. I feel really strongly about this, and I know a lot of people who visit this web site do as well.

Even if you are not a person who takes “vitamin supplements”, please read this important message and realize that your right to have access to other products you purchase may be affected by this law which could be passed, such as the ability to purchase cod liver oil, probiotic supplements, food cultures, and many other foods that are important to the health and well-being of our families.

Congress has no problem allowing poisonous drugs with side-effects to be legal for distribution, but now they want to ban food and dietary supplements? This logic lacks reason and makes no sense!  It undermines basic freedoms we as citizens have in this country to have access to preventative health care products and food that should be available.

Please read and take action! Thank you for your support in helping us to keep our real food options available!


Reject S. 3002 DSSA, The Food Supplement Criminalization Act of 2010

It wasn’t enough for Congress to kill off the public option. Now they want to kill us directly by trying to outlaw nutritious food
supplements … again. The corporate medical industry is doing everything they can to keep the American people from having any option besides their over-priced and often harmful health “care”, when they aren’t denying coverage altogether that is.

Senators McCain and Dorgan have just introduced yet another thinly-veiled attempt to criminalize ordinary vitamin pills, proposing give the FDA the power to preemptively and without cause restrict their distribution, deceptively entitled the Dietary Supplement Safety Act, S. 3002.

This is the same FDA that routinely waves through dangerous synthetic drugs that kill hundreds of thousands, hardly a recommendation for their administrative prowess. Yet millions of people take natural vitamins and other food supplements in complete safety already. Where is the epidemic of vitamin pill fatalities?

There is none.

Reject S. 3002 Action Page

Of course this is at the bottom line just an assault by giant medical corporations on small businesses who would dare cost them business by helping to keep the American people actually healthy. We just had a Supreme Court decision, which we will continue to fight to our last breath, saying in practical effect that the most powerful corporations can no longer be regulated in any meaningful way, endowing them with full citizenship rights as natural people. But let the American people try to take a completely natural vitamin pill with a couple too many milligrams of potency and they are ready to call out the swat team.

We have already had requests for nearly 10,000 of the new “Corporations Are NOT The People” bumper stickers, which we are making available for no charge, not even shipping. And we also have a new “Impeach The Supreme Court 5” bumper sticker, because of their dereliction of judicial duty as we have demonstrated with four critical analytical pieces so far (with more to come) on the many profoundly dishonest aspects of the decision. So if you have not requested yours already, please do so now, because we take delivery of the second huge printing this week, and will again be shipping as fast as we can by first class mail.

You can request one of the new bumper stickers for free at Supreme Court Decision Protest Bumper Stickers at:


Or you can do so from the return page of the action page on the must be rejected S. 3002 from the first link above. Of course if you can make a donation of any amount, please consider doing so, as this is what is making it possible for us to send bumper stickers to anyone who cannot make a donation right now.

And also make sure you submit the two action pages calling for corrective congressional action by way of constitutional amendment, confrontational legislation and impeachment.

Corporations Are NOT The People Action Page

Impeach The Supreme Court 5 Action Page

There is a pattern here, folks, and it started at least as early as the Reagan administration. Remember the faux patriotic cries for deregulation. There is not a single example of any of this deregulation since that has not proven to be a policy disaster for
the public interest. And in each and every case the deregulation they were talking about was for BIG CORPORATIONS.

What we have witnessed in the last few decades is a premeditated and systematic dismantling of control of corporate abuse and corruption in the name of “freedom”. The latest Supreme Court decision, declaring that fictitious business entities have the full and same freedom intended to be reserved for “the people” is a further giant leap down this same dangerous road to a full blown corporate police state.

Reagan decried the “nanny” state, but only for corporations, trying to turn good public policy, which is the PURPOSE of government of, by, and for the people, into a pejorative. But when it comes to the people, there is no regulation too intrusive or too burdensome for the corporatists, of which this latest attempt to criminalize our food supplements is just the latest example.

Though S. 3002 lacks even a preamble to justify why it needs to be passed, its sponsors claim that it is needed to keep illegal drugs from being put in food supplements. If this is the premise, it is a farce on its face. If drugs are illegal already, there is perfectly adequate authority to prosecute those who would do such a thing, whether it is anabolic steroids or crack, without a begging to be abused new change in the law.

Congress can’t seem pass a sensible health care bill to save our lives. They go out of their way to hide from good policy ideas
favored by a majority of the American people, like an economical and efficient single payer system. They have refused to regulate the medical insurance industry in any meaningful way. But when it comes using “safety” as a pretext for stealing the people’s freedom, or causing us unnecessary added expense, they can’t propose enough bills.

Remember that “safety” was the also disingenuous excuse why Congress again denied the American people access to prescription drugs at the same more favorable prices paid by every other country in the world, by allowing re-importation of products even made by American companies. Well, Congress is not keeping anybody or anything safe but the profits of corporations with too much outrageous power over our government already. S. 3002 might as well alternatively be dubbed the Big Pharma Profits Enhancement Act of 2010. And it must be stopped.


The links just above are the regular action links for those NOT on Facebook. The Facebook versions of these same action pages are

Facebook Reject S. 3002, The Food Supplement Criminalization Act

Facebook Corporations Are NOT The People

Facebook Impeach The Supreme Court 5

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Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.

If you would like to receive alerts like these, you can do so at: Million Fax March

This information is part of Cheeseslave’s Real Food Wednesdays. Please visit her site and read the other real food posts there.

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7 replies on “Big Pharma Wants To Outlaw Natural Food Supplements”

Thanks for sharing this! It doesn’t surprise me at all, though. I expect them to (try to) take away supplements etc for the obvious reasons of profit and keeping control of us. This is why I am starting serious study of herbalism, so that I can make my own stuff and take care of myself & those around me. Are you familiar with Susun Weed ( or Kiva Rose (–her blog has the info)? *Lots* of info on both their sites, at least for now. My paranoid side says I need to amass as much info as possible while I still can, lol. I’ll keep growing my own food and my own herbs as long as I can, and if they ever outlaw gardening, well then, you know what they say…only outlaws will have gardens! Here’s to keeping our health in our own hands. 🙂

Hi Sara – Yes, it’s certainly not surprising, and we must do what we can to be self-sustaining for certain. I’m doing all kinds of things I never even considered five years ago like growing my own food in my backyard, and I think that aspect of life is really important and shouldn’t be forgotten in this modern world of quick fixes and chemical solutions.

But I also believe it’s of vital importance to make our voices heard and fight these kinds of measures, because if we don’t stand up and make known that we oppose these ridiculous laws, in no time we’ll have nothing left resembling freedoms at all. Think about all the things that are different now than just 20 years ago. Airport security is a good example. We are slowly losing our rights to be able to do things that used to never be under government scrutiny that are now. It’s all part of the same machine, and I think if we sit back and let it happen, we have no one to blame but ourselves. It’s just important to keep informed and stay active. 🙂

I’ve had people tell me already that some of their favorite products have been prohibited for sale at their natural food stores because of the agenda of the Codex Alimentarius that put this kind of stuff into place, effective Jan 1st. This is SCARY beyond a doubt. Almost suffocating!

Amber – I just remembered I had a post I wrote about Codex last summer, so I linked it to this one. Yeah, it’s scary all right. And yes, as Wendy says…

Why can’t they just leave us ALONE!!!????

this is indeed very sad. and you make a fine point about congress having no problem allowing poisonous drugs with side effects. this is just ridiculous. how can they stop us from purchasing natural food supplements. oh what is the world turning into.

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