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The Face-Off Continues With Kitchen Stewardship!

Some of you may be familiar with Katie at Kitchen Stewardship’s web site. Katie has created a wonderful resource for cooking, real food, recipes, and tips for eating and living healthy. She has been kind and creative enough to host a Face-Off of real food bloggers. The purpose is to share information from many outstanding web sites about the world of real food, traditional cooking, and sustainable living.

Today I am fortunate to be featured on Kitchen Stewardship’s Face-Off of real food bloggers. The other featured site belongs to Alex Lewin of Feed Me Like You Mean It. Alex is an insightful chef and advocate for the real food movement in his interests of education about the many facets of nutrition. He also features information about the goings-on in food politics, preparation of traditional foods, and related food event.

Katie has put together this delightful program of many wonderful people and their varied interests and talents, all culminating in efforts to help keep the real food movement vibrant and accessible to many people all over the world.

The individuals featured on this wonderful tour of bloggers are from all walks of life and their lives are varied, but they all share something in common – the desire to eat real food and help others to learn about this subject and be healthier.

The Face-Off runs through March 2nd, and if you haven’t had a chance to see the other featured bloggers, here’s a recap:

Face-Off 1: Ren at Edible Aria vs. Jo-Lynne at Musings of a Housewife (1/14)
Face-Off 2: Rachel at Titus 2 Homemaker vs. Wardeh at GNOWFGLINS (1/19)
Face-Off 3: Kimberly at Hartke is Online! vs. Peggy at Local Nourishment (1/21)
Face-off 4: Donielle at Naturally Knocked Up vs. Lindsay at Passionate Homemaking (1/26)
Face-off 5: Ann Marie at Cheeseslave vs. Sarah at Sarah’s Musings (1/28)
Face-off 6: Kelly the Kitchen Kop vs. Anne at Catholic Mommy Brain (2/2)
Face-off 7: Paula (aka Mother Hen) at The Chicken Coop vs. Jen at A Heavenly Perspective (2/4)
Face-off 8: Stephanie at Keeper of the Home vs. Carrie at Organic and Thrifty (2/9)
Face-off 9: Virginia at Living the Local Lifee vs. Kim at Homestead Acres (2/11)
Face-off 10: Hallee the Homemaker vs. Mare at Just Making Noise (2/16)
Face-off 11: Jenny at Nourished Kitchen vs. Michelle at Find Your Balance (2/18).

Here’s the final schedule for the remainder of weeks:
Face-Off 13: Shelley at MAHM vs. Lisa at Mama Says (2/25)

Real food and sustainable living are very important subjects to me, and I’m committed to helping promote their value to our future 100 percent. I hope you’ll give some of these amazing bloggers a view, as they work very hard to help educate, promote, and maintain a presence of real food in the world.

The Face-Off has been a great way to learn about the reasons for each of these individuals decision to support the real food movement for themselves, their families, and communities – as well as discover all the fantastic pages of information they have to share. These are people I’m proud to know, work with, and share resources with.

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Hi Zeke – thanks for stopping by and for reading the Face-Off! I am grateful to have the opportunity to be featured there and to make the acquaintance of so many great people like yourself. 🙂

Hi Alex –

Thanks much for your kind compliments! It’s funny, I have been caught saying Viva la Revolucion more than once in my life…it’s kind of one of my mottos, you might say. And, I must say the same back to you – love your site as well. Keep up the fantastic work!

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