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My Radio Interview With Lisa Davis From It’s Your Health

In this day of computers, television, and Internet, it’s nice to know that radio broadcasts are still around. We have so many different ways of communication than just 30 years ago when I was a child.

With the advent of other new technologies like chatting on Facebook, posts on Twitter, e-mail, and text messaging on cell phones, it somehow feels like our communication gets further and further removed from real, human interaction.

The value of radio interviews
While radio may not be face-to-face, there is a very human element to this way of communication, and that is the sound of the human voice. The human voice can convey feeling and meaning in a way that texting or email simply cannot. It also provides the listener with something to imagine and think about while hearing the people who are talking – which I like tremendously.

A few months back, I was contacted by a woman named Lisa Davis, MPH, CNC of WUML 96.9 FM Boston Talks who hosts and produces the radio and television shows by the same name called “It’s Your Health“. Lisa had seen my web site and wanted to interview me for a radio broadcast in her city, Boston, Massachusetts.

Guests on “It’s Your Health” include Suzanne Somers, Michael Tucker, Mariel Hemingway, Jill Eikenberry, Bethenny Frankel, Mayim Bialik, John Elder Robison (author of Look Me In The Eye: My Life With Aspergers), Temple Grandin, Harold Kushner (author of Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People), and Marco Borges (celebrity trainer to Beyonce and Gwen Stefani).

Lisa Davis, MPH, CNC
I was very interested in guesting on It’s Your Health because like me and many other people in the sustainable food community, Lisa is passionate and excited about teaching people how to improve their health through real food and other positive lifestyle changes. As well as being a Certified Nutritional Consultant and teaching yoga to children, Lisa has worked in some aspect of the complimentary health field for 20 years. She has a keen understanding of the challenges people face when it comes to health, and also a fantastic awareness of the concept of sustainability as it applies to the larger health model. Her radio show features a wide variety of guests – something for everyone – authors, celebrities, cooks, fitness trainers, and health experts of different types – and of course, regular, ordinary people like me who are trying to make a difference in the world by teaching people about sustainable and slow food.

Listen to our conversation!
During the interview we talk briefly about the health problems I experienced which lead to the creation of this site, and how real food solved many of my problems. We also discuss the importance of traditional foods – foods that our ancestors ate for thousands and thousands of years before the industrial revolution.

Lisa and I also have a conversation about the concept of paleo diets and how the consumption of grains can adversely affect human health. Then we talk about how to find a good source for eggs from hens on pasture. A lot of our discussion centers around the importance of slow, sustainable foods I share my experiences of buying local food from farmers in my area. Finally I talk about thethe myth that sustainable food can’t feed our populations. A repeating theme in our conversation is making the switch to grass-fed meats, an important part of getting healthy proteins and fats in your diet from a clean, nutrient-dense source.

To listen to my interview with Lisa follow this link. Click on click on Radio Shows, then click on audio archives. Once in audio archives, click on Special previews and that will take you to the interview. This is a preview chance to hear this broadcast, and the interview will be featured on the air in early December. I want to extend a warm thank you to Lisa for doing what she does and for having me on her show. Keep up the great work, Lisa! 🙂

Here’s more information about the topics Lisa and I cover in my interview:

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