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Nourished Kitchen Happy & Healthy Holidays Cooking Course

Does the idea of the approaching holidays make you feel harried and stressed out? Are you hoping to make healthy, delicious meals, desserts, and appetizers but feel overwhelmed about how to start?

The perfect solution is Nourished Kitchen’s Happy & Healthy Holidays Cooking Course – designed to help you prepare wholesome food for your friends and family.

Most of us associate holiday meals, gatherings, and events with a lot of planning, added stress, and putting on weight from eating foods that aren’t healthy for us. Now the worry is over because Jenny’s multi-media cooking course will show you how to create healthy meals like grandmas from generations ago used to make, and avoid the issues of food intolerances and putting on pounds. With real food and great recipes to help you celebrate the season, you can’t go wrong!

Real foods and wholesome ingredients are not only delicious, but they satisfy in a way that processed foods do not. You will learn to re-discover all the joys of eating real food while enjoying all your most treasured  holiday meals and desserts when you sign up for this cooking course, and also discover some new ways to enjoy them as well.

Personally, I’m excited to learn how to make a pie crust – I’ve made them before, but I want to learn to master creating a pie crust from scratch from real lard and butter – something I don’t have a lot of experience doing. Can you imagine how delicious a pie crust can be that is made with real food ingredients and is also healthy for you to eat? That’s something I’m really looking forward to! All my life I have learned to associate feelings of guilt when eating desserts, and now with these great recipes, I can have dessert and feel good about eating it too!

Another aspect of learning to cook healthy meals that I like is the idea of creating gifts for my friends and family and within my budget. Almost everyone loves receiving something to eat that is home-made – and it’s even better when it’s healthy AND delicious!

You really can enjoy all your favorites – roasted turkey, gravies, sugar cookies, pies, roast tenderloin, and more (over 175 recipes) to make your holiday merry, delicious – and guilt-free! These recipes are made without any refined ingredients or unhealthy, industrial fats, and will cater to your love of real food and savory and sweet tastes alike.

Through these helpful, interactive multi-media tutorials, you will make an impression on your guests this season and keep within your budget.

Desserts and treats? No problem! Learn how to make HEALTHY gingerbread and pecan pie that is also delicious.

Allergies or wheat sensitivities? If you want to make sure your meals are also gluten-free – this is the cooking course for you. You’ll learn how to make special holiday meals not only with tasty, healthy ingredients, but using foods that won’t cause issues for your body.

Hurry, classes start December 1st, deadline is November 30th!

With a one-time payment of $89, you will have access to all the great classes listed below: 9 plus a bonus class (Thanksgiving cooking lesson) for a total of 5 weeks of instruction.

If you prefer to do just one class at a time, it’s $15 per class. Use this coupon code NK20 to receive 20% off the total price.

And if you sign up now you will also receive a code to use for the Thanksgiving Bonus class.


  • Bonus – Celebrating Thanksgiving: 2 videos, 3 menus, 22 recipes
  • December 1st: Celebrating Hanukkah, Part I: 3 videos, 3 menus, 18 recipes
  • December 3: Celebrating Hanukkah, Part II: 3 videos, 3 menus, 14 recipes
  • December 6th: Holiday Sweet & Cookie Swaps: 3 videos, 3 menus, 18 recipes
  • December 8th: Savory Treats & Holiday Appetizers: 3 videos, 3 menus, 18 recipes
  • December 10th: A Harvest Feast for Yule” 3 videos, 3 menus, 17 recipes
  • December 13th: Christmas Eve Supper: 3 videos, 3 menus, 19 recipes
  • December 15th: Christmas Day Brunch: 3 videos, 3 menus, 19 recipes
  • December 17th: New Year’s Eve Parties: 3 videos, 3 menus, 17 recipes
  • December 20th: New Year’s Day Good Luck Foods: 3 videos, 3 menus, 17 recipes