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Chicken with Roasted Vegetables
This wonderful chicken with roasted vegetables recipe for dinner (and then maybe for leftovers later) was graciously provided today by Alex from A Moderate Life. I’m knee deep in writing projects and I have some deadlines coming right up, so I’ve had little time for my blog lately.

I’m so grateful for wonderful folks in the food community who are there to lend a hand, and of course, spread the word about real food. Oh, and please visit Alex’s great site – she has so much great information – tips and suggestions, food news, recipes, blog hops, giveaways, and more. And like me, she has a great appreciation for real and local food. Take it away Alex!

I would love to thank Raine for asking me to guest post on her wonderful blog! I always count on Raine to provide in depth information about health and nutrition related issues, and I trust her judgment, fairness and her honesty in these matters!

When she asked me to write a post, I didn’t have to think very long on what to write about because my sister had just given me a phone call to tell me all about a recipe she had just made that was super delicious and I was dying to try it! I made a number of changes in the ingredients to suit my family’s needs, but the essence of the recipe is the same.

We use heritage breed pastured chicken that we purchase from our Milk Club, which is supplied by a lovely Amish family in Pennsylvania. Because we live on an island there is limited access to local farm produce and absolutely no local dairy, so we had to get creative when we decided to make the switch to raw grass fed dairy products for our family.  We have been participating in the club for about a year and we love all the products we have purchased from them.

Most weeks, in addition to raw cow’s milk, we buy some grass fed beef, butter, raw cheese and soy-free pastured eggs. We also really enjoy their pastured pork products such as uncured bacon and loose sausage. These products round out our purchases at the local organic farm where we get most of our vegetables and fruits. Very little is purchased from the super market unless it is absolutely necessary because we really like to support local, traditionally-raised and “home grown” farms and products. Not only do these products support our local economy, we know where the food comes from, how it is raised, what it is fed and how wonderful it tastes! It is worth your effort to find local sources for the foods you eat, even if you have to go a little bit out of your way to get them!

So, I was lucky to have such a product assortment on hand when my sister called me with this easy “weeknight” version of Roasted Chicken with Winter Vegetables. She uses mushrooms in her version, but I didn’t have any, so I added in some whole garlic cloves instead. I also served this up with some wonderful Roasted Root Vegetables as a side dish and some pan gravy.

Roasted Chicken with Winter Vegetables

(Serves 4)


Pre-heat oven to 375 Degrees

  • 4 Pastured chicken quarters or leg and thigh combinations with skin still on
  • 5 Tbs or more raw milk butter
  • 2 Tbs extra virgin organic olive oil
  • 1 Large Onion cut into wide strips and cut in half again
  • 1 Cup sliced mushrooms (optional)
  • 1 Whole head garlic, separated and peeled but left whole (optional)
  • 2 Cups Brussels sprouts cleaned, trimmed and cut in half
  • Small bunch fresh thyme or 2 tsp. dried thyme
  • Sea Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste


  1. Thoroughly wash chicken parts and pat well dry. Using your hands, massage butter into all parts of the chicken and then sprinkle well with thyme, sea salt and pepper and massage into the parts as well. Place on large flat cooking pan with at least a 1 inch lip (a cookie sheet will do well) and place in oven, skin side up for about 40 minutes. There is no need to flip the chicken.
  2. After 40 minutes, spread the chicken parts as far apart as possible and spread the onions and garlic, if using, into the pan and mix well with the chicken fat and butter mixture. Pour on 1 Tbs. of olive oil if there is not enough fat mixture to coat the vegetables and bake in oven for about 15 minutes.
  3. Check the chicken to see if it has reached an internal temperature of 165. If it is cooked, remove it from the oven to a warmed plate (do not cover or the skin will not be crispy), spread the onions and garlic out on the pan and add in the sliced mushrooms, if using, mixing in well and cook for another 10 minutes.
  4. Mix the Brussels sprouts into the pan vegetables at this point and add another 1 Tbs. olive oil if necessary. Cook for another 10-15 minutes or until the sprouts are golden brown and have some lovely brown bits from roasting. Depending on the size of the sprouts, you may have to cook them longer, but do not over cook them or they can become bitter. Continue to check and toss them until they are done to your liking. In the last five minutes of cooking, place the chicken back into the oven on a separate platter to re warm it and crisp the skin.
  5. Serve chicken legs and thighs with the vegetable mixture and the pan juices poured over if you enjoy that.

I called my sister back the next day to thank her for another hit recipe. Even though her family eats much differently than we do, we all enjoy cooking and are able to adapt the ingredients to make ourselves happy! This recipe really seemed fit for a Sunday dinner but since most of the cooking time is unattended, it can be made on a weeknight with very little effort! Fitting nutritious, real food into a busy schedule sure is simple when you can find great recipes like this!

Thanks again Raine for allowing me to guest post on the Agriculture Society. It is a great honor! If you liked this recipe, please stop by and visit me at A Moderate Life where you can find tons more! All the best! Alex

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Looking good Alex – I LOVE brussels sprouts and love how you included it in your variation of this roasted chicken dish. I also loved learning about your milk club as I am from PA – do they have raw cream and raw butter too?? Would love to get my hands on some – let me know!!!

After everything is said and done, I don’t think that there’s anything more comforting and satisfying than roasted chicken and vegetables. And pan gravy!

Your dish looks great, Alex! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Yum, this sounds delicious, Alex! Roast chicken is one of the most comforting foods to make and eat (imho)…and anytime I can add or sub whole garlic cloves- I’m on it! Wonderful post 😀

Mmm, this is one of my favorite meals to make when I’m home alone. I usually have a whole chicken, so I spatchcock it, and roast it with veg. And it’s always amazing. Awesome to share a great recipe with family, both the blood and virtual family 🙂

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