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What is Fluoride Doing To Your Health?

Ever since I was a child fluoride has been heralded as the  messiah to save teeth from cavities and decay. 

In the 70s, I remember my parents taking me to get fluoride treatments at the dentist. And several times at the elementary school I attended, a dental hygienist visited who required us to chew red pills to show where we weren’t brushing, and gave us fluoride treatments. I don’t recall my parents ever objecting to this, but maybe they would have if they’d known about the dangers.

Why children are given fluoride treatments in school is beyond me. Isn’t it the parent’s job to decide whether to take children to have some medical or dental service done? Apparently not. This brings about the issue of having no choice in something that should definitely be a choice. In fact, you will not find any other example where a drug is added without the consent of the people taking it.

And despite how many fluoride treatments I took, how much fluoridated water I consumed, or how much I brushed and flossed, I still had numerous cavities and dental work done when I was a child and young adult.

Fluoride – hazardous waste as a “health treatment”

What do you do when you have toxic waste that’s expensive to dispose of? Sell it to the municipal water agencies under the guise of “protecting dental health”. Besides a short-lived experiment where iodine was added to water many years ago, this practice has never been done anywhere else, with any other substance like this that is considered a drug (and hazardous waste). Another important thing to consider is that there have been no real scientific, conclusive studies supporting the effectiveness of putting fluoride in the water supply to combat tooth decay.

The fact is, the fluoride going into our water systems is not a safe or natural substance to consume, and fluoride toxicity is well-documented. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a naturally-occurring substance, nor is it even pharmaceutical grade. The fluoride put in our water is actually hazardous industrial waste from the phosphate fertilizer industry.

These substances are recognized as toxic by The Environmental Protection Agency and other regulatory entities, and it is illegal to dump it in the ocean or inland water bodies, and yet policy-makers see no problem with its use in our water supply. Many European countries have banned fluoride use in municipal water systems. So what is the U.S. ‘s problem? This program receives zero oversight from the FDA, and the Environmental protection Agency (which declares the substance toxic) shows no accountability for fluoride being added to the water supply. What’s more, the Center for Disease Control and The American Dental Association continue to mandate statewide water fluoridation practices.

Please watch these important video interviews from Dr. Joe Mercola with Dr. Paul Connett, the leading expert in the world and a chemist who specializes in environmental chemistry. He is the co-author of The Case Against Fluoride: How Hazardous Waste Ended Up In Our Drinking Water and the Bad Science and Powerful Politics That Keep It There from Chelsea Green Publishing. Please be sure to pick up a copy of this well-researched book which blows the lid on the theory that fluoride is necessary for dental or any other aspect of health.

Part II
Part III

Part IV

Part V

Fluoride affects bone health (causes brittle bones, osteoporosis), thyroid, energy levels, and the pineal gland in the brain (the pineal gland is an endocrine organ which regulates seratonin, melatonin which affect wake/sleep patterns). Read some scientific research documenting the numerous health studies showing all different health issues that result from using fluoride.

According to Dr. Mercola and Dr. Connett, there are many other sources from which you can ingest fluoride distiller or reverse-osmosis filters are required to remove fluoride from water. It is also found in many bottled beverages including soft drinks, energy drinks, teas, juices, infant formula, processed foods like cereal, tea, wine, seafood, teflon pans, salt, commercially-raised poultry, anaesthetics (Enflurane, Isoflurane & Sevoflurane -used in surgery to put you to sleep), and cigarettes – just to name a few.

This harmful chemical is also added to most toothpastes on the market, and many other dental products like rinses. If you look at the label, there is a clear warning which reads something to this effect: “contact poison control center if you swallow more than necessary for brushing”. That amount is equivalent to one glass of water. So if you are drinking tap water everyday, just imagine how much fluoride you are ingesting every day of your life!

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For more information about the risks and dangers of fluoride use, visit the Fluoride Action Network.

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15 replies on “What is Fluoride Doing To Your Health?”

I admit that I’ve only recently learned about the dangers of fluoride usage.
It never fails to amaze me how easily the mainstream can dupe people into believing something. Why would anyone ever believe it okay for people to ingest a hazardous material?

Hi Kelli – it’s much like anything else that people have learned to accept and follow, but I still can’t believe this substance has been allowed to be in the water system either. As Dr. Connett explained, there is no other instance like this where a drug is being put into something like the water system without the consent of the general populace. In Nazi Germany, the Germans used fluoride to make “inmates” sterlie and compliant, and everyone knows what horrors occurred during the holocaust and most people say they would never allow anything like that to happen ever again…and yet no one seems to think this is a problem today. It dumbfounds me. Dr. Connett specifically states that this substance is not even pharmaceutical grade, that it’s a by-product of the chemical fertilizer industry. And yet when you read about fluoride being added to municipal water systems (I read my city’s statement about fluoride today), it says “fluoride is a naturally-occurring substance”. But that is actually a deceitful statement because what they add to the water supply certainly is not naturally-occurring substance. Water systems regularly test their water for the presence of naturally-occurring fluoride to decide if they want to add it or not. Our city (Boise, ID), fortunately does not add fluoride to the water and the commissioner states on the web site that he has no future plans to do so.

However, there are other dangerous substances in the water such as chlorine and bromine – which are halides and compete with iodine in the body. Most people are iodine deficient, so you can see how this becomes a problem when people are consuming tap water day in and day out. This can actually contribute to many health problems – including thyroid and infertility issues, just to name two. But fluoride is a problem in various cities and municipalities, so it’s definitely an issue worth educating about.

Raine, it really angers me to read that they actually had a dentist come to your school and poison all the children with fluoride – without even telling the parents! Its bad enough that they poison so much of the water supply.

That was a great list of the products that contain fluoride. I will add that fluoride is in most air fresheners – breathing that poison is also bad.

Fluoride greatly increases aluminum absorption, which is believed to be a huge causative factor in Alzheimers, the worst disease I ever seen.

Thanks again for showing the truth. Fluoride should be banned.

I don’t know if it qualifies as amusing or infuriating, but I was one of those kids getting fluoride treatments and never had a cavity UNTIL I went on ritalin and paxil in 1994 (at 20). I know it’s a tangent to this discussion but that is something I hope to investigate.

Yeah, people think that their government would never hurt them and that their being “rational” by following everything the mainstream tells them, but nothing cold be further form the truth. Humans aren’t meant to have synthetic chemicals or wastes inside their cody as we can’t metabolize it. These chemicals simply haven’t been around long enough for us to evolve the ability to do that,

I have felt a lot of pressure from the pediatrician to give fluoride to my son (almost 3), I have not. I even asked my Sister In Law, who is a practicing dentist and she is pressuring me to give him the fluoride. Thank god I am a holistic mom and trusted my gut. I am sickened by how most people are like lambs being led to the slaughter when it comes to these issues and how even Doctors and Dentists, who mean well, really have not educated themselves and just swallow everything that is spoon fed to them, even fluoride.

Good for you, Michelle. Your son is truly blessed that you have the wisdom and the strength to stand up to the pressure.

If more people thought for themselves like you do, it would be a lot harder for them to poison us for profit.

Hi Michelle – you are doing the right thing by trusting your instincts. Don’t give in to pressure when your intuition is so very correct. Halides like fluoride, chlorine, and bromine bombard our bodies daily, from tap water, processed foods. They become toxic and cause problems in the same way heavy metals do like aluminum and mercury. They fill our tissues and suppress our hormones, endocrine, and immune system. They block our absorption of iodine and can eventually lead to degenerative disease like cancer. Take care of your child’s dental and overall health by feeding them healthy fats like butter, tallow, lard, olive oil, coconut oil and grass-fed meats and poultry, game meats, eggs from pasture-raised hens, sustainable sea food, organic fruits and vegetables, and avoid processed foods and sugar.

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