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The Perfect Evening – Dinner, Champagne, Dessert, and Alice in Wonderland!

On Friday evening we celebrated my dear friend Jennifer’s 39th birthday by having dinner at our house and going to see Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. We made a chicken/chorizo/rice dish – sort of like Paella, with some local ingredients (check out this recipe for an idea of what we made – we used chorizo […]

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Apples Fried in Butter Topped with Yogurt, Sprouted Nuts, Raisins, and Maple Syrup

If you are looking for a show-stopper dessert that is super-easy to make, this would be it. A lovely combination of sweet, crunchy, and savory, it reminds me of a expensive confection you’d find in a fancy restaurant. It’s probably one of the most delicious treats I’ve ever eaten, and simple enough that you can […]

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Strawberry-Frosted Coconut Flour Cupcakes

I made these cupcakes on Valentine’s Day this year for my son and his friends. The results were fantastic and everyone loved them. It was the first time I had baked with coconut flour, and I realized how many possibilities there were from this wonderful, nutritious substance. Ingredients: 1/2 cup of organic coconut flour, sifted […]