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Michael Pollan on Oprah – Getting The Message Out About Real Food

If you haven’t already began noticing just how much discussion is taking place in the world about how our food is produced, what we are eating, and how it might be killing us – now is the time to start listening. Michael Pollan appeared on the Oprah Show this week. He is the best-selling author […]

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Michael Pollan In Boise, Idaho – Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Although I don’t get asked as often as I should about who is one of my favorite authors and heroes, last evening I had the opportunity to see Michael Pollan speak at The Egyptian Theatre in downtown Boise, Idaho. Michael is a writer and activist about the subject of the food we eat and the […]

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How The FDA, Corn, And Oil Are Killing People

Put aside your purely sentimentalist views about corn, including your ideal Sunday dinner on the farm. Corn is in everything we eat…from meat to cereals to drinks to coffee, from breads to pasta, from the McDonald’s meal you grab in the drive-through to so-called “organic” eggs. In fact, in the average grocery store, of more […]