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Saving Money On Your Organic Life

Who says organic isn’t affordable? Would you like to save money on organic products you buy? There are various merchants who provide online coupons for these healthy foods. Here are just a few:

    Here are some other ways to save money on organic:

    • Look for store brands featuring organic items. Many stores are now featuring an in-house brand or off-brands which are more economical such as Whole Foods 365 line, S&W, Private Selection, O Organics, and Eating Right. Be sure to notice which of these products are actually healthy to consume, as many products are labeled organic but are still processed and contain sugar or are artificially high in carbohydrates. Look for the Natural Value brand, a line found in most health food stores which offers economically-priced organic products.
    • Shop locally and seasonally as well. These foods are always cheaper, fresher, and more nutritious. Check this list of fruits and vegetables that are in season, month-by-month.
    • If there are good organic brands you like, go to their web sites and check frequently for coupons and special offers. Sign up for newsletters to get on the brands’ list for coupons and special offers. Also, if you contact the company to make a suggestion or ask a question, many companies will send coupons to you in the mail.
    • Don’t buy processed foods; buy fresh, whole food ingredients
    • Keep your eye open for sales
    • Be willing to substitute one thing for another if the item is cheaper (don’t skimp on quality though)
    • Shop at your local farmer’s market.
    • Join a co-op or CSA. These groups provide benefits and extras to their members.
    • Grow your own in a home or community garden.

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    Great tips! Far too many people sabotage their own health with the excuse that organic food is too expensive. I think buying at local farmers markets and growing your own food are excellent suggestions. I think it can also help tremendously to buy less processed food which can be quite expensive as well. Also, by eating more natural whole foods, you satisfy your appetite more easily and eat less.

    If you’re interested in more tips, I also wrote an article about reducing the cost of organic food.

    Thanks for your post! I’ll check your article out. There are many ways to save money eating healthy, and the other thing people don’t seem to consider is the hidden cost of eating processed, conventional foods (the health care fees you will incur as time goes on and you have to go to the doctor and hospital).

    Hi Raine,
    Thank you so much for the great coupon links.
    Got to you through Nourished Kitchen blog.
    I gave you a liitle shout out on my blog.
    Take care and I love your name…….as it is my youngest daughters also 😉


    Hi Marc, thanks for your comment and mention on your site, I’ll go check it out. I think it is so great how the food and alt health communities can support each other through these sites and forums. I can see that the numbers are growing and I am so thankful for that fact! Hopefully through the word-of-mouth and good intentions we can spread the word to everyone about real health and real food! That’s neat that your daughter and I share the same name. Is it pronounced ‘rainy?’ That is how I pronounced mine (it’s the Greek pronounciation…think Antigone or Persephone). One of my long-time friends gave her first born daughter my name as her middle name. I was touched!

    Hi Raine,

    I pronounce it “rain” and it’s her middle name like your friend’s daughter. Marley Raine is her name. 😉

    I agree with you on the numbers growing….it’s gratifying. However, I’m still surrounded by family,friends and co-workers that eat the SAD.
    It makes me sad….but i’ve learned over time not to say anything anymore. If they want advice or info, they’ll come.
    I say it often….I’m living proof that this “stuff” really works…..and yet no-one will listen…….yet 😉
    Have a great day.


    It is really difficult to convince people who have eaten SAD their whole lives (I was one for many years too!) that their eating habits are dangerous and disease-causing. But, I think slowly with more influence and education, we’ll get the word out. In many cases, you just have to practice what you preach and live by example. But that doesn’t mean you can’t write about your experiences. When people are ready, they will listen! Just keep up what you are doing; you will affect a positive impact somewhere, sometime.

    I have a friend that I used to work with who came to visit me the other day with her 6 month old son, and she said ever since she met me she has become more conscientious about her eating habits and what she is feeding her son. He’s so lucky because he has a mother who is aware of the dangers of processed foods and many of the bad things there are available for parents to feed their children, and she’s pretty savvy about avoiding a great deal of those things and still making sure he gets nutrition – and she’s on a budget! She told me she’s making his baby food at home in a food processor. I’m so proud of her and it’s great because she is also saving money. Even more inspiring!

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