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3 Tips for Eating Organic On A Budget

This topic is near and dear to my heart, for all those who feel defeated when they contemplate going sustainable or organic and believe they just can’t afford it (especially in this economy). There are many ways to achieve a goal, and I believe anything you really want to do begins with the earnest desire […]

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Our Consuming Natures – We Can Live More Sustainably

How much do you consume? If you could measure and keep track of it, do you think it would make a difference in your regular consumption levels? In our culture of mass consumption, we are so accustomed to buying products and having products around for our “convenience”, we seldom stop to think just how much […]

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Waste Not, Want Not: Tips for Saving in The Kitchen

Do you ever wonder how people eat healthy and save money? There are many ways to cut corners and make food last longer, thus saving a few bucks. One way is to waste nothing (or as little as possible). I’ve noticed that the less I waste, the longer my food lasts and the fewer trips […]

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Organic Is Only Part Of The Story…

We hear a lot about organic this and organic that…but I think the most confusing thing is that a lot of people believe just because something is organic, it must be healthy… Right? It’s true that to be assured you are getting something that is at least 95 percent organic or better, you should look […]

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Food Budgets – Using Creativity and Prioritizing For Healthy Eating

Does the idea of changing your diet to healthier foods seem completely overwhelming?  So many people have the idea that there is simply no way they can afford to eat healthy…but I’m here to assure that this couldn’t be farther from the truth! This concept is so important, and one that I feel cannot be […]

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Who’s Right? Finding the Truth About Medical Knowledge, Science, Health, and Nutrition

Over the years, I’ve had discussions and debates with people who just don’t buy the “natural” approach or the idea that nutrition and food are our best weapons against disease. There are many people I know who really, truly trust their doctors and the tenets of conventional medicine and science to give them medication, perform […]

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Budgeting and Planning for My Garden

Over the last few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about getting ready for gardening season – and wishing it was already warm enough to plant! But we’ve got a ways to go yet… I have several goals this year that are a bit different than last year. Last year I was just trying to […]

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Proof That Real Food Doesn’t Have to Cost A Bundle, Is Nourishing, And Satisfies!

Who says eating healthy has to be expensive…or that it’s only for the elite or wealthy? Well, I’m here to report that our family is far from wealthy, but we eat traditionally-prepared foods and whole foods most of the time. In fact, we started a new business last year (solar installation and sales), and we’ve […]

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Eating Healthy In A Time Of Recession

The name of the game in tough economic times is to save money. But don’t throw your money in the trash and spend it on processed foods with no nutritional value. Consider just how expensive some of that cheaper food really is. On the surface, a six-pack of soda or juice can run anywhere from […]

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Time and Money Saving Tips – The Real Health and Financial Implications of Food Allergies

What would you say if someone told you your health problems might be caused by the foods you eat…would you believe it? With food allergies on the rise, some people believe that as their options for food are eliminated, choices in their diets become more and more limited. When I first discovered I had a […]