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Charlie’s Story – From A Mother’s Heart

If you are a parent who has vaccinated or are considering vaccination, please read this heart-felt story from one of my readers and friends from Facebook, Vicki and her son Charlie (residents of the UK).

This story is a follow-up to the post about Dr. Wakefield and the MMR vaccine from Monday, and I wanted to provide this first-hand account from a mother who has been dealing with the aftermath of vaccination side-effects for the last couple of years.

Stories from parents about their experiences with their children and vaccinations are invaluable because it’s one of the only ways their stories can be heard. The media and mainstream medial outlets never share this information with the public unless it is to defame and criticize the things parents have to say.

It is important to note that Vicki’s son did not receive the MMR vaccine, and he has still experienced the repercussions of multiple doses from other vaccines.

Ultimately, doctors (and journalists like Brian Deer who claimed on camera that diarrhea, constipation, and other related symptoms were not bowel disease) don’t really know what the families are going through. Time and time again, parent’s voices are squashed in the scope of vaccine and other health information. But it’s time these voices were heard and given their day in hearing. How many of these parents are telling a similar story – children who cannot have bowel movements for days, or are plagued with stomach cramps, pain, and chronic diarrhea…or have lost much of their abilities to socialize, interact, respond, or communicate?

It is very common for people to heckle those who believe vaccines aren’t safe, and the common philosophy about vaccines is that everyone should get them, without exception. But what about the rising voice of the parent community, who report time and time again of health problems their children experience immediately after receiving vaccinations? What about the first-ever court case in 2010 where a family was awarded funds because their child was found to exhibit symptoms of autism that were directly connected to vaccination?

Much of what many parents do when they go out on their own, no thanks to their doctors or health care professionals, is learning how to manage their children’s health challenges alone. But often what they find waiting is a huge community of others experiencing the same kinds of things, and this is where they find support and where healing can finally begin.

Unlike other children, Charlie didn’t receive the MMR, but still developed autism and related symptoms anyway. Read their story and decide for yourself.

Charlie was born of 14/8/07 in the UK. The pregnancy was difficult with me having Gestational Diabetes (insulin-dependent) and pre-eclampsia along with symphsis pubis pain for which anti-inflamatories and pain medication were prescribed. I was also on Methly Dopa for high blood pressure from the very start of the pregnancy. My son was born prematurely at 35 weeks gestation by c-section after I received a steroid injection to mature his lung function 3 days prior. (My first pregnancy with my daughter was exactly the same resulting in her being born by c-section at 36 weeks and in a diabetic coma – neonatal intensive care, oxygen therapy, jaundice and failure to feed).

Charlie was 3 on 14th August and was only diagnosed with Autism officially in April this year (2010), although I’ve known for some time exactly what his problems were and that he was on the spectrum. I believe very early on in life he was vaccine damaged and also suffered from a build up of incredible environmental toxins. Although he was premature (born at 35 weeks) he fed well and thrived, giving eye contact when feeding, and turning his head to the sound of my voice until 7 weeks of age. At 7 weeks he was given the Hep B vaccination with the mercury preservative, thimerosal, in Bulgaria and from the day after all eye contact stopped, he stopped feeding properly, cried all the time, failed to thrive had terrible stomach and gut ache with loose stools at every nappy change up to 10 bowel movements a day and they were awful!)

I didn’t want to believe it was the vaccine that caused Charlie’s problems for a very long time, I thought the reaction was a temporary thing when he started to reach early milestones on time like crawling and walking. You see, I’ve always been an advocate of vaccines and was determined my kids would have them all, no questions – God, how I wish I hadn’t been so naive and stupid. Its actually only very recently that I’ve accepted that this is probably the cause of his autism and problems. I even went on to get him all his other shots on top of that! The only one he didn’t get was the MMR and that was by a sheer stroke of luck that the vaccination programme in Bulgaria, where we lived, didn’t include the MMR and by the time we came back to the UK I’d realised I was poisoning him and refused it. I’m still fighting with my medical centre, but there’s no way he’s getting it.

I now believe vaccines are unsafe for a percentage of children. In particular premature babies and babies of low birth weight. I also believe a relatively significant percentage of babies have immature immune systems and cannot cope with the insults a vaccine or a battery of vaccines placed on their systems. I also believe the potential harm of all vaccines is far greater than the benefit to public health that they provide. With 1 in 40 boys and 1 in 90 girls now diagnosed with ASD (UK stats) I KNOW something suspicious is happening to our children.

As Charlie grew, I knew he was different and possibly on the spectrum but still I didn’t really believe it could be the vaccine. Even as he was referred for assessment for ASD I put more belief in some kind of genetic glitch. But the more I investigate, and the more I look back at my own notes to do with Charlie’s vaccination record and the start of his problems along with all stories I read about other kids in the same position; the more I see exactly how, pharmaceutical companies, big insurance companies and mass media corporations control governments with their greed, self-interest and corruption; the more I understand that vaccine damage to children is a sad and sorry truth that governments are happy to continue in the dressed up name of a public health interest, merely accepting the broken lives of these children as acceptable ‘collateral damage’. Covering up the extent and infact existence of such injury is paramount to protecting everybody involved in this and their financial interests – and where there’s billions of dollars, massive power and multi-faceted corruption involved, its a heck of a task to beat them.

The other thing I need to tell you about is our home environment in Bulgaria where we lived until December last year. We brought Charlie into this house at 7 weeks of age – the same week he had the Hep B coincidentally and he lived in this environment for most of his life (7 weeks till 2.5 years) We only went back to the UK for the birth and neonate period of my son’s life; the whole time he was growing inside me during the pregnancy, I was living in this house too. We recently, on holiday noticed the timbers needed some re-staining/preserving and searched all over the place to find the correct colour match but couldn’t for the life of us find a good match so I ended up phoning the Bulgarian builder that renovated this old house for us to ask him where to get the stain from. What he told me made me feel sick! He told me that in these traditional old houses they use dirty engine oil as a wood preserve because the colour matches the old aged timbers perfectly and its also very cheap, especially when the houses are made from so much timber. So when I realised what was in dirty engine oil and just how toxic it was it was like being hit in the face by a steel girder! Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium and Aluminium were all inhaled by the whole family day in day out for 4 years (Charlie 2.5 years plus in utero exposure through myself) Now we have this poisonous house in Bulgaria that we can’t use as a holiday home and we can’t sell either because I couldn’t bear the thought of hurting someone else or someone else’s poor child. I have no idea how to remove the toxins from this house but..removing the toxins from my son is the obvious priority – I guess the whole family is poisoned (my daughter displays strong ADD symptoms since returning to the UK, I’m chronically ill with something non-specific I do not know what it is and my husband can’t remember anything for toffee! )

Hopefully you get the picture now. Urinary porphyrin testing recently came back stating my son had remarkable mercury toxicity of bodily tissues, there is also marked lead and arsenic poisoning too indicated in the results – There are also knock on nutritional and bowel issues that Charlie has to deal with every day and he IS in pain. Don’t let anyone tell you children with autism don’t have any pain, its simply not true.

Charlie also developed asthma this year, but I was determined he wouldn’t be dependent on steroid inhalers. So I only used these a couple of times with him in emergency situations.

I felt encouraged to find other mothers doing positive things for their children and taking back control of their health and it gave me hope to see so many little miracles happening on a daily basis, step by step, that I decided I wanted desperately to be a part of that hope and to take positive steps to make Charlie well again. I am also aware that early intervention while the infant brain retains a level of plasticity is the best hope for any child with an ASD. It is very frustrating and upsetting looking at how my son struggles, and I’m sure it’s exactly the same for every mother with a child with ASD. I sit all day trying to engage him and then feel a failure when I can’t. He now has some very lucid moments and does try to socialise with other children. It is absolutely delightful when he does engage and says the odd word or two or kisses me. I began biomed myself alone on 2nd May this year with the help of another Mother on Facebook and I began the gluten/casein-free diet with Charlie too – a kind of shock and awe approach with so many supplements enzymes, probiotics, and omegas. Probably not recommended by the doctor, but it worked almost immediately.

We have been eating good nutritious diets of only organically-grown and reared food for some years, but since Charlie’s diagnosis, I’ve learned so much more about food and how fundamental it is to good health. Sounds obvious doesn’t it? But there really is so much more to the idiotic lies we get fed about diets and nutrition.

This is a note I made about Charlie on 2nd June this year:

Charlie is now beginning to speak regularly 2 and 3 word sentences, all stimming and obsessive behaviour has stopped. Play is almost age appropriate and normal. He sings, dances, asks for things without pulling and dragging, makes jokes and bickers “yes/no” with his sister. He can read 20 familiar words and has a good labeling vocabulary of well over 100 words. Potty training going well, only bowel control to master properly. Sleeps through night and also for 2 hours during day. Peace and calm reigns. Still some sensory issues and still some difficulty sometimes responding to name and eye contact. No asthmatic/allergic symptoms, but still has prominent purple circles under eye area and looks very pale and sickly.

You can see from the tests that he is toxic for mercury (from the vaccine) the first assault and then lead, arsenic, and cadmium, all subsequent damage owing to the initial trauma of the vaccine damage of Hep B which makes him unable now to detoxify like you or I. I have many other tests detailing complex issues my son has to do with nutrition, absorption, gut dysbiosis, immune skewing and oxidative stress.


I want to thank Vicki for sharing her son’s story and the struggle her family has been through.  It is my hope that people will read this story and understand what is going on with vaccination, that these substances are not harmless, and health and medical establishments are doing nothing to acknowledge nor put and end to this problem.

From a conversation I had with Vicki the other day, when parents take their children to be vaccinated in Britain, there is no literature given to parents explaining the possible risks or side-effects of vaccines.  Although parents in the United States do receive a statement about risks and side-effects, those possibilities are always downplayed and made to sound as though they are extremely rare and unimportant.  I’ve never been to a doctor who was cautionary about vaccination, or who made any statement other than complete support of getting vaccinated.  As parents, we should have choices and be educated, but our medical system strips us of those rights.

It’s up to the citizens to take charge of this situation and do something about it. We must make our voices heard and continue to work toward education and truth as far as this situation is concerned.

If you suspect your child has been damaged by a vaccine, or if you are still considering whether or not to vaccinate, here are some resources:

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Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

12 replies on “Charlie’s Story – From A Mother’s Heart”

I live in the UK and you are right, there is no literature given other than possibly leaflets full of reassurance that the MMR does not cause autisum. There is also unbearably huge pressure to vaccinate your children. Both my son and daughter have had a full complement of vaccines – although now my daughter is three and I know more I will not give her pre-school shots and did not give her the recommended swine-flu jab last winter.
Whenever I visit the GP I am reminded when new shots are due – there were already more with my daughter than with my son. I feel grateful that I have healthy children – perhaps luck, although I ate a reasonable diet when pregnant, some raw dairy and few processed foods I did not know as much as I do now. They were both post-term babies, luckily I managed to avoid induction and have drug-free labours. I also breastfed my son until age 2 and still feed my daughter which I think helped them survive vaccines. My friend who did not vaccinate her children had a terrible amount of unkind pressure from the National Health Service and still does. Knowing what I do now I wish I had done the same as her – she did, luckily, advise me to give my son a homeopathic remedy to overcome any reaction to the vaccine. Whether it did work or not I don’t know.
Well done for bringing this issue to light Raine, as you stress, only through parents telling their stories do you realise what damage might be done. The only thing I do worry about – and this is the weakness that finally made up my mind to have the vaccines is the possibility of epidemics of measles etc that are predicted once the vaccination rate drops below about 85%. These children that have compromised immune systems so might suffer from vaccines might also suffer from a dangerous disease. Of course, the latter is certainly less toxic from a chemical point of view. What do you think?

Such a needless tragedy that happened all thanks to greedy corporations and inept governments who care nothing for real health. It amazes me how blindly people accept vaccines and allow this insidious toxic junk to be injected into their kids.
Most vaccines aren’t even necessary because there are many alternative and natural ways to treat childhood ailments such as Tea Tree oil for viruses like the flu. Many herbs like echinacea and thyme are excellent for getting rid of viruses and bad bacteria without destroying the good bacteria like antibiotics do. I wish more people knew about this stuff. The world would truly be a better place.

Horrifying. Vicki, thank you for sharing this painful story. You are a witness for what vaccines can do to children, and your story may save many children from being poisoned by vaccines.

We give studies by scientists, who often have a conflict of interest and are motivated by profit and the desire to get grants, far too much credibility. In fact, many people will not believe anything unless there is a study to “prove it”.

Real truth comes from real experience. What actually happens to people is a much better guide to the truth than anything else.

Vicki, the painful experience you and your family have suffered means much more to me than any phony study. I hope your son makes a full recovery

Hello Karen – thanks for your comments, yes, a lot to think about. As far as the vaccine rate dropping below 85 percent and how that would affect our ability to keep disease away: I think world health organizations and other groups’ (such as the CDC here in the States) predictions are often wrong, look at what they said about the swine flu killing billions and billions of people, and it turned out to be much less severe, and made sick and killed less than the other strains of flu. They use those messages to put fear in people and for propaganda to sell more shots. Measles is not even a serious disease and it’s far less threatening than some other diseases like cholera, dystentery, or malaria. There’s a lot to be said about natural immunity from diseases – if you gain natural immunity, there’s very little chance you will get the disease at all. But if you are given temporary immunity from a shot, there’s still a good chance you’ll get the disease anyway.

All diseases can be prevented and minimized, but you are right, some won’t survive because their bodies are toxic and immune systems not strong enough due to poor diet/lifestyle, etc. It’s almost like you have to ask yourself which is worse – a child damaged for life by a toxin injected into him or her, or a child who “could” die from a disease. The truth is, anyone can die at any moment, and to me, the risk of avoiding vaccines and my child dying from one of those diseases is far less likely than injecting something toxic which is certain to have some negative repercussions of some type just to “prevent” a disease.

Kelli – yes, the greed is foremost and at the forefront of efforts to vaccinate the population. I believe it’s a type of population control or “slow kill” method. Those who don’t die quickly provide those in the medical community with a nice paycheck to keep them in houses. It sounds really callous, but if we don’t acknowledge that this is what’s really going on, I think we’re deluding ourselves.

It would be great if more people used real food and natural remedies to control illness and disease, but as it is, there is a long way to go toward education about this process. That’s why we write posts and leave comments, to spread the word. Many thanks for all your support and comments, and don’t let up the message!

Stanley – thanks again for your comments. It’s very painful to read about other people’s tragedies, especially where children are involved. It is my hope that when people read this, it strikes a chord in them to think twice about supporting the vaccine industry. It’s true, unfortunately, many people don’t learn anything until they experience it first hand, and most scientific research now is either swayed by funding or is completely theoretical. I don’t know if I believe that there is any real scientific research in mainstream science anymore. And many of the studies available are being proven to be “junk” science, like so many of the claims by the vaccine industry that are made in defense of their products.

I like the list of 9 questions that stump every pro-vaccine advocate and their advocacy of vaccination link (above on my resource list at the end of the post) – it basically asks for accountability with regard to every aspect of vaccination and testing done on vaccinations – and those inquiries cannot be satisfied because no real studies exist proving the safety and efficacy of vaccines in the first place.

Vicki – I sincerely hope your story helps others, I am sorry you had to be one of the guinea pigs, and I also wish you the best for the future and Charlie’s good health.

Raine, you are so right about putting fear into people – even as strong willed as I am it is hard to go against the government/health service/corporations machines that steamroll the population and don’t even offer information so that parents can make an INFORMED choice. And as you point out no information about boosting immunity through real food or other traditional remedies. And Vicki, I wish you all the best too – there is a lot of support out there, it’s just a question of finding it!

Karen – yes, we are taught to believe “authority” intelligence and that our own beliefs and intuition are probably just faulty and wrong. In almost every instance in my life where I second- guessed my intuition, I was sorry later. That divine gift we are bestowed by God to help us know what’s right and what’s wrong really is the only guide we need. When we start to betray that and instead give away our rights and freedoms to someone else, we lose.

Thank you for your support everyone. I do hope Charlie’s story will make people think more about vaccines, toxins and lifestyle and provide some kind of springboard for them to begin their own research into such things before blindly accepting these things are wholly of safe and unchallenged benefit.

Just stumbled onto your blog off the Healthy Home Economist blog.
Thanks for sharing this story. Each time I read one like this it makes me feel so wonderfully blessed to have 2 wonderful completely vax-free children!! They are 13 months and 6.5 years and each one very healthy. I don’t regret this decision and feel better about it each and every day. Glad to hear Charlie is doing better!
May I suggest checking out the GAPS diet – it is nothing short of miraculous and goes beyond GF/CF diet: I’m starting on it soon for digestive issues but it’s almost a must for ADD/ADHD/autistic children.
All the best,

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