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3 Effective Ways to Elminate Sinus Infections

Two years ago I wrote a post about how I defeated a raging sinus infection I had been battling for nearly 8 weeks. I used every natural method I could think of and had no success.  I was so desperate for relief, I almost broke down and agreed to take antibiotics. I am so glad […]

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My Home Medicine Cabinet – What I Use to Remedy Ailments

I’ve spent a lot of years building my knowledge of natural remedies – and I’m still learning, but I am so glad I made the effort to acquire a basic understanding of how to apply natural substances to the goal of helping people in my family to feel well again when they are not feeling […]

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Prescription Drugs, Healing, And The Almighty Dollar

The use of prescription drugs has led us into a lot of trouble with regard to our health. According to Dr. Hyla Cass, “Nearly 50% of American adults take at least one prescription medication, and nearly 20% take three or more.” Often, little consideration is given to the side-effects of medications until it is too […]