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Salmon Omelets Topped With Avocado and Spelt Pancakes – Make Leftovers Pop!

There’s usually leftovers of one type or another around our house on Saturday and Sunday mornings to use in our breakfasts, and this always makes the meal more special. Salmon from last night’s dinner makes a fantastically delicious and nutritious breakfast. On Friday last week, I went to our local health food store to get […]


Cranberry-Orange Bread With Sprouted Flour

When I changed my diet to traditional foods, I pretty much stopped eating most breads – especially sweetened breads and muffins. But over the last year, I have learned that I can still enjoy these treats sometimes by replacing the bad ingredients with the good. I go crazy for warm-homemade breads, like many people. I […]

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What are Sprouted and Soaked Grains?

If you have ever thought you might have an intolerance to grains or wheat, in particular, you may be surprised to find out that you can eat foods containing sprouted or soaked grains. Sprouted grains are a raw, living food with enzymes intact, and therefore contains more nutrients and is easier to digest. Soaked grains […]

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The Big Gluten-Free Lie

Everyone loves bread, right? You would be hard-pressed to find someone who says they don’t like it. But for many people in the 21st century, living without wheat has become a reality. In their desperate quest to keep eating bread and bread products, they have found their savior – gluten-free foods. But did you know […]